Mobile phone contract vs skype + pay as you go

  VNAM75 17:27 29 Aug 2007

I'm currently paying £15 for 200 mins and 400 texts per month with o2. Most of those 200 mins are used to call abroad using a 0844 number which is included in the tariff. But this will change after sept 27 and 0844 no's will cost 25p per min.

I am thinking of using skype to make my international calls (1.4p per min + 3.33p for each connection). You also have to pay a £1.70 fixed fee per month. This includes unlimited 01 and 02 national calls. I will buy top up credit for the calls I need to make whilst on the move but this should be less than £5 per month.

I've used skype for pc to pc calls before but would like opinions on what its like for pc to uk landline and pc to overseas landline and mobile. Would be grateful for any recommendations to which package to go for (as above choice).

  Arnie 18:23 29 Aug 2007

My wife and I use Skype to ring 01/02 landline numbers using the £1.50 + vat monthly charge.
We only pay for it using my wife's computer.

We also use both of our computers to speak free online to our friends. (Computer to computer).
We have friends in Gibraltar and ring their landline phone with no problems.

The Skype monthly option should be ok to for your requirements.

Other than the well reported recent problem with Skype nationwide outage, it has been trouble free.

  VNAM75 00:11 02 Sep 2007

Thanks. What is the easiest/quickest way to buy skype credit?

  ambra4 06:31 02 Sep 2007

In the help menu buy Skype credit

  Arnie 00:43 03 Sep 2007

Go straight to the ‘ways to pay page’.

click here

Don’t forget to click on Help> Check for Updates.

The latest is v.

Help> About Skype will show your installed version.

  Arnie 15:20 03 Sep 2007

Buying Skype vouchers.

Vouchers can be purchased from any local Sainsbury’s or Martin McColl store by asking the cashier for a Skype voucher. Since this is a new product you might need to remind them that it is similar to the mobile top-up products. Vouchers are available in amounts of £10 and £20.

There is no charge for using Skype vouchers bought at these stores. A *15% VAT* charge will be deducted when you redeem your voucher with Skype.
*This is because Skype is based in Luxembourg where the present VAT rate is 15%.
After VAT is deducted from your voucher, you will see £8.70 credited to your account.

Redeeming your voucher.

When you buy a voucher, you will receive a printed receipt with a voucher code.
You will need to enter your Skype name and password, along with the 19-digit voucher code.
This will bring up another page on which you’ll need to confirm the amount. This is the amount you paid for the voucher.

NB: Skype’s further edited comment on voucher redemption.

Our voucher redemption page can be a bit fussy. The amount you should enter is the face value of the voucher (i.e. before any VAT deduction), without any currency symbols and using “.” (dot) as the decimal point.
For example: “10.00” should be entered, not £10.

  HighTower 18:09 03 Sep 2007

Go for a USB phone with Skype - one that is certified to work with it. I picked up an Ipevo one for around £20, it has function keys on it specific to Skype for contacts, voicemail etc. Can also plug into a laptop if you are on the move. You can get other models from a tenner.

I've found Skype Out to a Landline to be pretty reliable and good quality. Skype In - well that's a different story, but you are looking at PC to PC and PC to Landline so I wouldn't worry about that.

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