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  so3003 17:38 24 Jan 2003

Hi everyone

I currently use Orange Just Talk, because it gives me the best possible call rates I've seen on any network (trust me on that!)

Unfortunately my phone resembles the proverbial brick, and I'd quite like to upgrade it now. The problem is that the phones I'd like to get (since they're so expensive!) are all fairly high end and you can only get them on a contract. So this is my question:

If I was to get an Orange contract phone, could I change the SIM card to my PAYG card, and then use the phone as my pay as you go phone? (obviously still paying whatever the contract is)

All advice appreciated!

  Forum Editor 18:12 24 Jan 2003


To be honest, the call charges for a contract phone are so much lower than Pay as you go I can't see why you would want to do it anyway. Shop around - you'll see some good deals. Mobile phone companies are desperate for business, that's why they're ramming pointless services like imaging at us in virtually every commercial break on TV. They want us all to use our phones more because virtually everyone in the country now has one, and they are staring an Oftel "reduce your calls" instruction in the face.

  bremner 19:00 24 Jan 2003

Is Orange different to Vodafone?
I have recently taken my wifes 'pay as you go' SIM card from an old Nokia house brick and put in in a much more up to date Nokia that a friend had as a contract phone and no longer required and this works perfectly. This was with Vodafone so unless the networks/phones work differently I cannot see why you cannot do what you suggest.

Whether it is a cost effective move is another matter as FE points out.

  so3003 19:05 24 Jan 2003

I know most people don't believe this, but I actually pay less than every other tariff there is for my calls, with Orange PAYG using £50 top ups.

My calls to orange / landlines are 15p/5p per min for peak and offpeak, other networks are around 35p/25p, unsure of voicemail (think it's a standard call), messages are 5p each (cheaper than all the supposedly cheap message packs you see elsewhere)... basically, it's the cheapest there is!

If someone knows of charges that are cheaper than this on any contract, please let me know (along with the price of the contract)!

To go back to my original question though, is it technically possible for me to transfer SIMs between a contract and PAYG phone? ie are the SIM shapes network dependent or phone dependent?

  bremner 19:17 24 Jan 2003

As I said above I can only speak for Vodafone but their SIM card whether it is PAYG or contract appear to be the same size shape etc and can fit in any Vodafone phone.

  Irishman 19:31 24 Jan 2003

It depends on the supplier/network. Some lock the phones so they cannot be used with another network or calling plan. But phones can be unlocked quite easily although prices do seem to vary. Most of the sites that do this can be found on this n/group, Sim cards are all the one size as far as I know. Why not try e-bay for a used phone, these are normally unlocked before they are put up for sale. click here
Although make sure you check out the seller first. Paying a contract while still using your payg card may seem like a good idea at first but it won,t be long before you have paid off the cost of the phone in contract charges.

  oresome 19:32 24 Jan 2003

My daughter has has obtained her phone on O2 contract and promptly replaced the sim with a pay as you go. Obviously has to pay the monthly charge for 12 months which she considers a bargain for the phone.
As a student, the PAYG card allows her to keep within a tight budget
My wife uses the O2 card discarded by the daughter in her phone for the 600 free off peak minutes it has available.
This phone was previously on Vodaphone and before that on cellnet.
Prior to the daughters latest phone, she had an adaptor to give dual sim card use to benefit from the various tariff diferences. One network was Orange.
Never had to have any mods done to any of the phones.
Can't say as we will be too popular with the network operators.

  leo49 19:35 24 Jan 2003

I've just done exactly the same as bremner with phones on Orange - sim from my PayAsYouGo Siemens into a surplus contract Nokia. Works fine.


  nangadef 19:48 24 Jan 2003

Negotiating the best deal for your line-time is tortuous in any language, and being prepared to use several different providers does require a certain amount of research. However, I found unlocking my phone & swapping the SIM cards a doddle compared with understanding certain network operators' charge guides! So…

If you buy a handset as part of an annual contract, insist that you must be able to use other network operators SIM cards. Ideally the handset should be unlocked at time of purchase. Failing that, ensure that it can be cheaply and easily unlocked subsequently. from click here

  nangadef 19:53 24 Jan 2003

Another interesting SIM article from click here

  Ellie3009 21:24 24 Jan 2003

You can transfer a sim between phones, provided that the phone is unlocked for use on the network that the sim is on.

Independant/high street phone shops will often do unlocking, usually costs about £10.

Also, you can often buy unlocked phones contract-free on auction websites like ebay. Not cheap, but then nor is a years contract!

Also, RE: Just talk...
Can you still buy the £50 voucher and get the calls cheap?
I just wondered because I am also on Just talk and I know they have just revamped the pay as you go packages, and there is no mention of the £50 voucher in the new price guides!

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