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  [DELETED] 15:27 14 Jun 2006

I have had the same PAYG mobile phone for a number of years (affectionately known as “The Brick”). O2 have advised me that as from 30th June, this phone will no longer work because of the closure of the “platform” (see click here ).

I am therefore looking for a new PAYG phone and service provider. My key requirements are a cheap phone and low cost of calls. The use of the phone will be for emergency/urgent calls only (such as stuck in traffic, can’t pick up the kids, meeting overrun will be late, that type of thing) and receiving calls.

I have been looking at Tesco mobile for both the phone and as the service provider on their value tariff. Does anybody have any experience of them or is able to offer alternative advice/comments?

  Al94 15:33 14 Jun 2006

For what you require I would recommend this click here

  [DELETED] 15:46 14 Jun 2006

Tesco piggy backs on o2 don´t they.

So you´ll get the same coverage as an o2 customer. Just looked at the value tariff, if you decide to take the handset away with you on hols for emergencies you can´t.

Al94 has suggested a good bargain. or click here

orange do a reserve calls thing for emergencies (you run out of credit you can still make a quick call) and tops up can be as low as five quid. click here you can also take the handset abroad.

  [DELETED] 16:10 14 Jun 2006

Thanks for those suggestions I'll consult with "she who must be obeyed" later (I suspect the style of phone might be more of an influence on her than it is with me).

SG Atlantis® , "Tesco piggy backs on o2 don´t they." - Yes so it would seem.
"...value tariff, if you decide to take the handset away with you on hols for emergencies you can´t." - hadn't spotted that (but I have now), so thanks for pointing that out! Might have to go for the standard tariff in that case!

I'll have a detailed at both Vodaphone and Orange when I get home tonight.

  [DELETED] 16:21 14 Jun 2006

regarding handsets, you can get any handset on any of the networks for the same money at this level, thirty to forty quid. nokia 2600, 1300, motorolla v220 sony ericsson j230, k300 etc etc.

I recommend the orange network more than the vodafone for your needs... especially the reserve calls, the free weekend thing and you can roam with it. If I wasn´t a heavy texter (100 texts a week plus - so o2 online PAYG suits me) I´d be on orange, I used to be.

My sister had a vodafone that was disconnected because of inactivity.

  spuds 18:05 14 Jun 2006

Been kicked off, one o2 mobile for same reason as GroupFC. That leaves me with another o2 mobile still active (but for how long?).

Replaced the de-activated o2 service for the vodafone network. More than satisfied with payg package, but remember to use at least once a month, (Vodafone say 90 or 180 days)to keep line account active.

Vodafone on-line shop have some very good deals, but you have to be quick for the extra special bargains. The Link do some very good special offer deals also.

  wee eddie 20:49 14 Jun 2006

Nokia 8310 if you wish

  [DELETED] 21:10 14 Jun 2006

That is very generous but I am sure that you'll be able to find a more deserving home for it!

It is not the cost (although that may be the impression I gave in my original post), that I object so much as the principle of the damn things!

I understand that they are extemely useful in an emergency/urgent situation, but I cannot understand why people have to walk down the street, cross the road, do the shopping etc. with one glued to their ear!

Hence, for the uses to which I shall be putting it, I don't really need one with loads of bells & whistles.

Two other things. I don't really want to start a debate about mobile phones - these are just my own thoughts and I definitely don't want to upset any prolific mobile users out there!

  [DELETED] 23:51 14 Jun 2006

Could I suggest you might like to consider using a Virgin Mobile or their sim card in an unlocked phone of your choice. As far as I am aware, you can also port your current phone number over to them saving you the problem of needing to be allocated a new phone number.

Your credit doesn't expire with them. Also, like many other carrier's they buy airtime off the main carriers. The main thing I like about them is their reasonable rates when calling landlines.

Hope that helps. Effie

  [DELETED] 08:50 15 Jun 2006

I agree with Effie, if you're happy with your existing handset why not just buy a Sim card with any network.

If your handset is locked I'm sure that O2 will unlock it for you. Vodaphone unlock their handsets free of charge once they're out of guarantee.

  [DELETED] 08:56 15 Jun 2006

Thanks everybody for the suggestions.

Effie and bosmere, can't use my existing phone as the SIM card is larger than most of today's phones (that's why it's known as "the brick")!

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