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  Bald Eagle 20:54 13 Nov 2008

I am a complete numpty when it comes to mobile phones and need some advice. My present one 5+ years old is PAYG with Vodafone. It is unlocked and I use it mostly in France. However it is getting a bit unreliable and I need a new one. I want to stick with PAYG because mainly it is only for emergencies.

Can anyone point me in the direction of something similar? I don't need a camera, internet, music player etc. just a phone!

Ideally I would like an unlocked one so I can put my present SIM card in.


  tammer 21:21 13 Nov 2008


I've bought 3 phones from Ebay with no problems.

People get free phone upgrades that they don't want and then sell them on Ebay for less than half the price the handset would cost in the shops.

I think you could either get an Unlocked phone or one that's locked to Vodafone and your SIM should work.

Just search for Unlocked Phone and see what there is. Keep an eye on things for a couple of days and compare the price of the phones that appeal with, say, Carphone Warehouse for handset only model.

Here's an example:

click here

  Bald Eagle 13:12 14 Nov 2008

Thanks for the info everyone.

  tammer 16:50 15 Nov 2008

Be careful, as new models of phones are difficult (expensive) to unlock.

  BJN 17:18 15 Nov 2008

Try carphone warehouse as most of their pay as you go phones are unlocked. You have to buy a network sim with phone but just go for cheapest option and dump the sim. Ask sales advisor if the model you wantis unlocked before you buy.


  Bald Eagle 19:49 15 Nov 2008

dagnammit it looks like the Nokia 3600 for me. The only thing is that it's quoted as ~380 hours on standby but reviewers say battery life is crap. I only want it for phoning and texts and presume the reviewers use it for music, camera etc. What is your view on the battery?

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