Mitsubishi v Mitsubishi monitors

  cycoze 19:47 24 Oct 2003

I am looking to purchase a new Mitsubishi monitor , from earlier this year i had planned to get a Diamond Plus 93SB as its had rave reviews from most quarters.

Having had a look at several sites ive seen the Diamond Pro 930SB listed along side the 93SB , im wondering if anyone has any experience of both monitors.

I can only presume the Pro is the better monitor as its has a lower dot pitch and higher resolution , higher model , what i would like to know is it worth the extra money , bearing in mind that either model is going to be a big positive leap forward for me and hopefully be in use for 3+ years.

Monitor will be used for graphicand video editing.

Also does anyone use a Mustek Mustek USB 4800TA PRO , im considering this to .

  wags 23:55 24 Oct 2003

I have the Diamond Pro 930SB and it is fantastic. The best display I have seen infact. You have already mentioned the main benefits over the 93sb. I cannot say I have physicaly compared the two, so maybe someone else will be able to advise whether it is worth the extra.

  spuds 12:23 25 Oct 2003

Not sure, but I think the FE purchased a new Mitsubishi monitor this year.Perhaps he as some advice, that he can offer.

  Stuartli 14:59 26 Oct 2003

Some of the earlier Dell and similar brands' monitors were various rebranded Mitsubishi models.

If you key in the two model numbers into google you should be able to find a range of reviews, list of specifications etc. if no one has personal experience of these monitors.

  Goggz 17:24 26 Oct 2003

I've recently got a 93SB and am very pleased with it.

Works beautifully with my Canon i850 printer as the colour profile supplied is Spot On!!

If the Pro is higher res then it'll be even more stunning.

Good luck wiht your quest,

Cheers, Goggz

  cycoze 18:38 26 Oct 2003

Thanks for the input everyone , i think i will probably order one in the morning .

I have been watching with intrest a thread regarding TFT`s v CRT`s , but still not convinced about the TFT`s , most have a dot pitch around .26 , which is what im using now , i`m sure a .24 will be far better.

  Stuartli 19:24 26 Oct 2003

I've had the pleasure of using a friend's 17in TFT supplied by Mesh with one of its systems recently - it's absolutely stunning both to look at and to use....:-)

  cycoze 20:36 26 Oct 2003

Well thanks again all , i`ve had a look around , Monitors Online do the 930SB for £280 including VAT and next day delivery , which appears to be a good price , so hopefully by Tuesday i`ll have one.

  cycoze 01:44 09 Nov 2003

I did indeed order a Diamond Pro 930SB from Monitors Online , phoned the order through on the Monday morning , received it at 11.30am on the Tuesday.

Did`nt set it up until Thursday as i was still working on my new system , now it`s all up and running and i`m chuffed to bits with it :o)

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