Mitsubishi customer service....or lack of!

  bamfiesler 09:23 03 Jan 2005

Gotta get this one off my chest!

Way back in September last year, my Mitsubishi Diamondtron vx750 monitor packed up on me. It got power ok, but the pilot light would flash red; nowhere in the Troubleshooting section of the manual was this symptom explained. On 28 Sept., I went onto the USA Mitsu site, who got back to me saying they did not offer tech support to the UK, and gave me the UK e-addresses. Twice I have e-mailed them, and have not even had an acknowledgement. This kind of behaviour is pandemic across the Web, and I've had enough.

I paid an extra £140 four years ago to upgrade to the Mitsu monitor, and I really would have liked an explaination to wthat the flashing red light was. BTW, I am now using ex-office Dell monitor that is a few years older than the Mitsu, and still going.

I fancy trying the Jap HQ next; any other ideas?

  Rwstill 12:19 03 Jan 2005

Hi Bamfiesler

I have a Mitsubishi monitor, I had a problem with it phoned and they give me a date when they would collect it and drooped another off.

Two phone numbers.

Phone this number first 08701201160.

Repair shop is 01202627102.

What they do is send you another monitor of comparable age, but, if you are not satisfied complain and they will send you another. I ended up with a bran new one.

You will find them ok

  bamfiesler 15:14 03 Jan 2005

RWStill - thanks a lot I will try this

  anchor 17:02 03 Jan 2005

As I recall, the warranty on a Mitsubishi monitor is 3 years. It seems "bamfiesler" that yours is 4 years old.

The same thing happened to me as to "Rwstill", when, (within the 3 years), my monitor gave trouble. Their service was excellent. "Rwstill" did not say the age of his monitor.

Certainly try telephoning the number given above, and see what they say.

  bamfiesler 17:20 03 Jan 2005

Aside from the fact the thing packed up after 4 years, it's the complete ignorance of these people that annoys me! After my initial post on the topic, I found a letter in My Docs dated 19/10/04 to NEC/Mitsu in London; no reply to that, either. I think the problem lies with that first line of mail handling: customer services UK-wide leave a LOT to be desired!Perhaps going straight to the Tech number might bear fruit.

I will try the above numbers again tomorrow.

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