Misleading Information on Ebay

  jakimo 19:00 01 Feb 2005

I'm wary of buying software on ebay,

So using the ebay feedback information I contacted a buyer using the ebay feedback system,although he was listed as being a satisfied customer,he has just emailed me back reporting that he is still waiting for his goods to be delivered...needless to say the feedback lists are not the reassuring guide their meant to be.

  FelixTCat 20:46 01 Feb 2005

Caveat emptor. If you would buy it from a bloke you met in a back-street pub, buy it on eBay (Flame here, please).

Congrats on contacting a previous buyer - I suspect that not many people do that.

  Totally-braindead 20:48 01 Feb 2005

What do you mean, you emailed someone that you sold something to and he emailed back saying he was still waiting for it? Whats the problem with that? The feedback is to give you an idea of how the person buys and sells, its not a guarantee. I don't understand what point you're trying to get across.

  Totally-braindead 20:52 01 Feb 2005

Ah now I understand after FelixTCats post. If the guy gave someone good feedback before he even got the goods then that just makes him an idiot in my opinion. The feedback thing is meant to be done when the transactions completed. I may be wrong but how many people give positive feedback before even getting their item or cash if they sell an item, not many I would think.

  -Beb- 20:55 01 Feb 2005

If the guy has already given the feedback he's basically saying that he has received the product and it's fine. If his feedback is above 97% you can be pretty sure he's genuine

Unfortunately, many sellers will no longer give a positive feedback until their purchaser has left a feedback.I understand that some sellers have found that having given a purchaser a good feedback, find they in return are given a poor one because of some perceived problem.It is of course all the wrong way round, but is the subject of much discussion on various e-bay forums.
Having bought something on e-bay last week, the seller contacted me and said as soon as I had left a feedback, he would do the same; which annoyed me because I had paid via pay-pal 30 seconds after the auction end.

  961 15:39 02 Feb 2005

I've bought half a dozen things on e-bay and things have worked well

I can understand a seller not leaving feedback until the buyer has indicated, via feedback, that he is happy

I've trawled through a number of feedback reports which indicate the buyer leaving poor comments even though it turns out that the goods have been as described and delivered

There are chancers around, both buying and selling

  pj123 16:38 02 Feb 2005

I have been selling a "specialist" publication on ebay for a while now. I have always had positive feedback. I posted out to someone in Canada, who after about two weeks emailed me to say he hadn't received it. I posted another copy to him and again after a couple of weeks got an email saying it still not arrived. I have now just sent a third copy of the same publication. It has now cost me (printing, packing and postage) more than he paid for it in the first place. I am beginning to think he is conning me but as he always says if he doesn't receive it shortly he will post negative feedback on ebay. I am not prepared to send anymore to this person. So what does 1 negative feedback against 100s of positive feedbacks mean?

  961 19:00 02 Feb 2005

well, basically that joe public folk like me know that if a seller has a score of 97%+ over the sort of numbers that you are talking about from loads of different folk then it ain't a problem

  Bellboy 19:46 02 Feb 2005


Depends on the nature of your "specialist" publication. Maybe customs are still reading it!

  bfoc 22:09 02 Feb 2005

You can leave feedback on the feedback and a short explanation that you sent 3 copies, This would be seen as well as all the positive ones which are there to be read!

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