Misleading Choice Stationary

  Pine Man 12:30 10 Mar 2010

I have been a customer of Choice for some time and know that they are popular on this forum.

Today I got an email which drew my attention to a number of items click here. Bottom left is a CLI-8BK cartridge for £4.40

The cheapest you can buy that cartridge from Choice is £11.49 click here

Misleading or what?

  hastelloy 12:39 10 Mar 2010

what they refer to is click here . I guess this makes it legal, though I think you have a good point.

  Pine Man 12:56 10 Mar 2010

Yes I found the compatible cartridge eventually but that is definitely a picture of a Canon CLI-8BK cartridge with a price from £4.40.

If you click on it you go to another page which is headed 80% off and still no mention of compatible cartridges until you search for the Canon CLI-8BK.

  Monoux 20:01 10 Mar 2010

I too have been buying compatables from Choice for many years and all was well with the cartridges until they changed from the two piece ones ( cartridge and carrier )to the one piece that look exactly the same as Epson cartridges. In fact if you strip off the label they have Epson moulded into them.
Ever since this change I've had nothing but trouble with getting the printer to accept the cartridges.
I know you can send them back for replacement but this happens so often it became a chore and I got so fed up with this fight to get it go work everytimne I need to change a cartridge that I have given up and changed suppliers.

  ronalddonald 20:46 10 Mar 2010

guys may have to watch out pamy may reply. I haven't used them for the last 2 years because of the paper they claimed to provide turned out to be a ripoff. You may even get the boss of choice replying soon.

  Forum Editor 22:51 10 Mar 2010

it does promise that if you find the same product cheaper elsewhere it will beat the price.

  Pine Man 13:00 11 Mar 2010

'To be fair...'

I have no issue with the products that this company sells and, from experience, their customer service is excellent BUT I do take exception to this method of advertising goods that are not available or ever were at the price stated.

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