Is this mis-advertising from Tiscali ?

  setecio 11:55 15 Jan 2008

If you click on this link

click here

Now on the right you have
Superfast Broadband
Broadband & Talk
Broadband Talk & TV options

Now click on the Superfast Broadband and you get the title
Superfast, reliable broadband from just £6.49

It appears to me that I should now be looking at broadband only packages option 1 and option 2. However option 1 here includes a mandatory Tiscali Talk package which a) shouldn't be in this section as there is another 'Broadband nd Talk' section .... and b) isn't made clear anywhere that this includes all your calls going through Tiscali. (Its says free weekend UK & insternational calls but doesn't explain it , and why is it even in the Broadband section at all !)

Is this a case of mis-advertising? I think so !

  MAJ 12:09 15 Jan 2008

If you're thinking of moving to Tiscali, or 'upgrading' to any of their packages, you might be wise to read their problem forums first. click here

  Covergirl 13:08 15 Jan 2008

Just a general observation, and possibly I might get 'ten out of ten for stating the bleeding obvious', but despite the large number of postings (26 today so far, lots by the same person) on the Tiscali forum, it's usually only the one percent unhappy people you actually ever hear from. With few exceptions, you NEVER hear from the 99% of happy people !

I hope so anyway, I've just signed up with Tiscali . . . . Oooooeeeerrrrrrr !!!!!

Another point about their website advert is that if you click on Tiscali Benefits click here= it touts "all-inclusive broadband, calls and line rental packages from just £14.99 a month". Well I've just had to sign up for around £24/month (which includes BT Answer). Having spoken to their VERY NICE AND HELPFUL SALESPERSON, I think that will happen when the become unbundled.
I hope their customer support turn out to be just as nice if I ever happen to need them !

  spuds 13:13 15 Jan 2008

I am a Tiscali user, and have been since the days of Lineone before the merger. Customer service can be very concerning, as can the package offers being provided or 'suggested' at times.It can even get more amusing, when you progress into the ordering stages, ever on-line or via telephone sales.

Even trying to contact the CEO (Ms Turner)(virtually impossible) or going through the Tiscali published complaints procedures, doesn't always provide a true and correct response to queries.I have tried to point out 'confusing' adverts and terms, but to no avail. Some of the replies via Tiscali contact emails seemed to have totally ignored what had been stated in my comments or complaints !.

I generally find, that most ISP's seem to have a bad attitude towards their customers,once you are tied into a contract, and Ofcom are 'suppose' to be setting out further or more clearer guidelines for ISP's to follow. One such example, is the frequent use of 'upto' when selling a package deal. Ofcom are now making ISP's provide more correct information on this particular and misleading issue.

But one thing that I have learned from my experiences, and that is, take actual published print-outs before you agree to a package. I followed a certain pattern, and eventually managed to save an requested 'extra' £30.00 set-up fee, and an extra £5.00 a month for an 'upto' 8Mb service.

  Totally-braindead 13:26 15 Jan 2008

I'm afraid I left Tiscali after months of problems ending with them telling me a pack of lies. I was with them for perhaps 2 years maybe 3 and was happy until my connection stopped working. Once I started having problems things went from bad to worse.

  setecio 17:59 15 Jan 2008

I have heard alot of people who are happy with Tiscali, and yes, it is generally only the problems we hear about.

However my main grump here is not the quality of service, or the quality of support (which is just about zero in most ISPs these days), but the fact that they appear to have split the options into 3 sections .... Broadband, broadband & phone, broadband phone and TV .... so why the ?&*! do you have to get the phone with one of the options in the <b>broadband</b> section ...... it is so misleading if ytou look at it.

  SeanUK 18:26 15 Jan 2008

Hey, I switched from Virgin (after they merged) to Tiscali a couple of months back now. Apart from a 24 hour period of downtime, and their shaky customer support.. they've been the better provider. Although there are occasional drops, when running my broadband has been STEADY and FAST. Virgin couldn't get either of those right, and blamed my 'line' for it ;)

As with all ISP's nowadays the customer service can be a lot of hassle, but I do think they offer a good service at a reasonable price.

I don't regret switching to them!

  SeanUK 18:28 15 Jan 2008

Oh, @ regarding the original question... Tiscali do switch their packages deals around a lot, it might be an honest mistake...but lets face it, probably isn't

  Clapton is God 20:53 15 Jan 2008

How did you leave them?

Is there a specific number to call or address to write to if you want to end your contract?

If so, can you tell me that phone number and/or address, please?

  setecio 21:15 15 Jan 2008

>> X7-250
the difference is with your 'line rental' which is included in the 'BB & Phone' <<

Yes indeed that is the difference, but it is still totally misleading the way they have set it up on the web page as it listed in a section which 'appears' to be the 'broadband' section as opposed to the 'broadband and phone' section, listed under the title 'Superfast, reliable broadband from just £6.49 ', problem is you can't get just broadband for £6.49 !!!!!!

  MAJ 21:58 15 Jan 2008

I just asked for my MAC number to be emailed to me. Of course they tried all the offers to get me to stay............. but I didn't. click here

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