Minolta S414 - a hidden bargain?

  BrianW 15:42 13 Jun 2003

I had been looking to buy an upgrade to my DC3400 digi camera which had done sterling service but was a bit deficient for my needs.

After looking at the usual suspects, Cannon G3, Fuji s602 etc I stumbled over the above camera.

Very found few reviews but the two that I found seemed to rate it good value for money so I had a good look at it - then purchased it.

For £299. it seems to be amazing value.

The quality of output is stunning,only 4mp, but the images are superb for focus and colour using auto-settings.

I'm still getting used to the manual options but on early acquaintance they look to be of equally high standard.

The reason I mention this (with no apologies for my enthusiasm) is that it was not a camera that shops pushed forward for my consideration and I had to work hard to find one.

The cameras I originally looked at were £200 - 300 more. So,if you are in the market for an upgrade as I was, I suggest you at least put it on your options list.

Down-side - the only one so far is that it has a 35.5mm lens for which I have only found one supplier for filters etc.
But, this let me test the Minolta helpline - query put in last night, response (with the information) first thing this morning - excellent.

  AndySD 16:16 13 Jun 2003
  Stuartli 01:28 14 Jun 2003

My Minolta Dimage E203 turns in some first class on-screen pix even at the medium (1.3MP) setting and prints are as good as could be expected at this resolution for standard sizes (6x4 and 7x5).

Moreover, with two 1300mAmp NiMH batteries I can take more than 100 shots at this resolution on a 32MB SD/MMC card, including extensive use of flash.

  KARINA 18:51 21 Jun 2003

Hi Brian............i have just bought the Minolta S414........read my thread titled 'group fc'...........i didn't realise that you had just bought the Minolta S414........remember, i was commenting on your photo portfolio just the other day................i was just browsing all the threads that i'd missed and came accross this.........and i know it's been ticked as being resolved........i thought i'd add a little comment..........

  BrianW 19:54 21 Jun 2003

Hope you find it as satisfactory as I am. You will find it takes a bit of getting used to to get the best results. When auto focussing, be careful to hold the shutter button down half way until the auto focus lights stabilise. Its a bit easy to take a picture before the camera has sorted itself out. I switch it from continuous auto focus to single (then you can focus at a distance, hold the button down and move the camera, keping the same focal distance.

Anyway, enjoy playing with it, stick some piccies on the site I showed you sq we can have a look. If you do need a hand, use my e-mail if you wish to.

Regards, Brian

  KARINA 23:04 21 Jun 2003

Thanks Brian..............as you know i am getting a replacement for my Canon a70.......will arrive on Tuesday......but in no hurry to play around with it on the first day.........my huge expectations of the A70 were too 'huge' and having had a problem with the camera on first usage it just about put me off digital cameras.........actually believe it or not - my first choice was the Minolta S414 because of the pixel size and low price - but then i got influenced by the guys on my thread.........i am sure they gave me great advice........it was just my bad luck that my camera wasn't working properly..........i probably will contact you once i get it...........regards Karina

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