mini tower

  sheila.weston 08:46 19 Jul 2008

Can someone tell me more about mini towers, please. A friend has an ?Asus pc with this very neat small tower in place of the usual large box.

Are they 'just coming in'? Have they any disadvantages?

I will be buying a new pc in the next year or so and am researching the options.


  spuds 11:09 19 Jul 2008

Mini towers are nothing new, and some manufacturers and retailers offer a variance of case builds to consumer requirements.

One of the possible disadvantages is the limitation of space, which could result in not getting the exact specifications that you want or require, either on day of purchase or later upgrading.

If you feel safe with a mini-tower, then go with it. I doubt if you will notice a great difference, if your computer needs are average to basic.

  The Kestrel 12:16 19 Jul 2008

My previous PC had a mini tower base unit and was fine for my needs. I don't play the latest games or need to store large volumes of photographs, video or music, so don't need a second hard drive.

As spuds has said previously, the only real disadvantage is the lack of space for expansion or upgrade of your PC. Unless you are likely to want to add extra cards on the motherboard or add a second hard drive to store data, you should be fine with a mini tower system.

  peter99co 18:13 20 Jul 2008

I saw a friend's mini tower. It was an HP Pavilion but I cannot remember the model. Looks very nice.

  sheila.weston 17:50 22 Jul 2008

Many thanks, all. On the whole I think that I will stick to the larger 'box' as I have a lot of photos and I like to have a second hard drive . My C:/ drive is partitioned with the programs on one partition and a backup on the other partition. I also have an external drive for selected backups, which I hide when we are away, in case of burglaries.

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