Mini Tablet Gift

  kirstylou1 19:45 10 Dec 2012

I am looking for a tablet/mini tablet for around £170 for my partner. His laptop is on its way out and he only really uses it for BBC iPlayer, sport, youtube, films and music and abit of email/low level surfing. He's not massively into apps/games. I suppose he's a basic user but is on the move a lot so would need to be able to use it on trains etc. I have looke at the Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7 and Blackberry Playbook. I have to admit I have read so many reviews I'm dizzy and confused (I'm not very techy). I just don't want to buy something that will be limited. Thanks

  chub_tor 13:26 11 Dec 2012

This is a good comparison Click Here, I know that it is from the USA so forget the pricing but it does weigh the pros and cons pretty well. If the main use by your partner is as you say then personally I would go with the Nexus 7. I like the weight, the size and it has a better processor and camera. But it is a tough choice and ideally you should see both in operation before chooding.

  Forum Editor 17:16 11 Dec 2012

It's going to be between the Nexus and the Kindle Fire, and frankly there's not a great deal to choose between them.

The Kindle has the better display quality, and the screen is larger, if that's an advantage. The Nexus has the edge when it comes to the operating system,and of course it's smaller.

The Kindle Fire is a bargain at the price; it should be quite a bit more, but Amazon is after a big userbase, so it can sell them books and apps,and everything else. Content is the name of the game for Amazon, so you get the Fire at a knock-down price. It's a lot of bang for the bucks.

Likewise the Nexus. Google wants you to buy it because it thinks it wants to gain a foothold in the Android tablet market,and because if you're a YouTube fan you'll see(and hopefully click on) lots of Google ads.

Both machines are priced lower than you would expect, given the specifications, and the winner in this instance is you, the consumer.

For me the Kindle just edges ahead, but that's because I like the slightly larger and crisper display. Both devices are excellent.

  kirstylou1 10:34 12 Dec 2012

many thanks for the advice. The things I have been most concerned about with the kindle fire are the difficulties of getting the iplayer as noted on many reviews, email problems and the lack of apps. I have also read some horror stories about ti not really being ready for UK users (more US). Are thesee claims justified?

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