Mini survey - credit card fraud

  Forum Editor 07:04 03 Oct 2003

I'm interested to know if anyone has had their credit card details used fraudulently as a result of Internet use.

As you may have heard, the new (to the UK) system of using a PIN for card transactions will start to enter the market shortly, following a successful trial period in selected locations. This will only apply to 'Cardholder present' transactions however. Online (cardholder not present) transactions will continue to be based on the presentation of the cardholder's address, card number, and in some cases the securtiy number from the back of the card.

Many Credit card experts think that the PIN system will have a dramatic effect on fraud figures, and that this will lead fraudsters to concentrate more on online card use. Time will tell if they're right, but in the meantime please let us know if your card has ever been used fraudulently as a result of online use. I'm only interested in actual fraud - not the disclosure of card details in error, or other data protection slip-ups.

  ajm 11:40 03 Oct 2003

On the few occassions that I have had to purchase online and pay large amounts, sometimes sums totalling £2000-3000 in a space of two or three days, Halifax have always phoned me to check whether the transactions were genuine. Only after confirming it, did they authorise the transaction.

Smaller transactions were also used to buy stuff from Ebay and payment made using Paypal. on a few occassions Halifax phoned me and confirmed the transactions with me.

Always pay by credit card for online purchases as i believe you are much better protected. Maybe someone can care to expand on this matter..

  Forum Editor 19:17 03 Oct 2003

because some people visit the Helproom and not Consumerwatch - and vice versa.

  oresome 20:54 03 Oct 2003

Remembering a short pin number for a frequently used credit card may not be a problem in itself, but multiply the requirement for pin numbers and passwords by all the devices that require them and it becomes a real headache.
Whilst this sort of information should never be written down, I suspect it sometimes is, or birthdays and pets names are used, any of which could perhaps be obtained by an determined thief.

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