The migration begins to O2

  Dragon_Heart 20:37 19 Aug 2008

Been with Tesco ISP for about 2 years but paying £18 / month for unlimited half meg broadband.

Asked them if in light of their competitors prices they would reduced their rate NO !

So rang O2 on Monday morning to sign up after getting my MAC code of Tesco ( Virgin )

Today (Tuesday ) got by CD and wireless box from O2 and a text to confirm I should be on line with them by the 26th.

They are keeping me informed of developments every step of the way via text

Will update as things progress ......

  Dragon_Heart 00:31 09 Sep 2008

Everything went very well.

Got my confirmation text the day of connection and was connected, up and running within a few minutes.

The CD packaging says it's so easy the CD will do almost all of it for you .... not quite but for me it was easy to set up ..... not so easy for a 1st timer but the O2 help files were easy to follow.

The McAfee Security Centre was also soon set up and the 'small' problem I did have, with the help of their online "Virtual Technician" soon sorted it.

The only problem left is my son's laptop will not connect via wireless, but that's a PC problem not O2.

If you are going to change ISP then I can personally recommend O2 :-)

  CurlyWhirly 07:20 10 Sep 2008

I've recently migrated to O2 myself and am getting faster speeds (on ADSL2+) and have a lower ping so it's handy for online gaming and I'm only paying £12.50 a month compared to £24.99 before!

I'm glad I made the switch ;)

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