The migration begins to O2

  Dragon_Heart 20:37 19 Aug 2008

Been with Tesco ISP for about 2 years but paying £18 / month for unlimited half meg broadband.

Asked them if in light of their competitors prices they would reduced their rate NO !

So rang O2 on Monday morning to sign up after getting my MAC code of Tesco ( Virgin )

Today (Tuesday ) got by CD and wireless box from O2 and a text to confirm I should be on line with them by the 26th.

They are keeping me informed of developments every step of the way via text

Will update as things progress ......

  Border View 23:24 19 Aug 2008

you just have to be a scot. (FE this is not a recist remark) joke OK

  Green 1 00:59 20 Aug 2008

I for one am interested, I am with Tesco and feel the same, please post how things go.

  Dragon_Heart 02:33 20 Aug 2008

jimmybond ..... I aim to please !

It's clear Virgin sorry Tesco have more customers than they know what to do with.

Consumerwatch is full of complaints about poor service and / or goods so when I find something that's good ( so far )I let others know.

I will just say I have had no real problems with Tesco ( plus the wife gets 18 extra Clubcard Points each month ) it's just the price & level of service.

  jaritch 08:35 20 Aug 2008

Indeed like myself Jimmybond must be a Scot as he has a sense of humour.

  exdragon 10:45 20 Aug 2008

I was with BT ever since I've had an internet connection, but when I was offered o2 for £2.50 (yes, two pounds fifty)last February when my mobile contract was up for renewal, I said I'd ring them in August once I was out of the latest 12 month BT contract. I rang BT to see what they could offer me on my rental of £17.99. All they could come up with was to reduce it to £16.99.

Back to o2, who said that, as I was an o2 customer, I could have it for £7.50. When I mentioned that I'd been offered it for less in February, they checked and said I could have it free for the first year and then I should ring to see what else I could have!

Connection was easy, though I had to ring Customer Services a couple of times to sort out my Outlook emails and they've been great. Only niggle was when the order was taken: I was asked for a user name and password - to my mind, that's for use on a website and the all the texts I received about it confirmed that. However, what was actually wanted was an email address. No problem, really, as I immediately set up another one. When I did that, the first box on the set up page asked for a verification code and just as I was wondering what on earth it was, a text arrived...

Like Dragon_Heart, I never really had problems with my previous ISP, but this is too good to turn down and the free 24 hour helpline is a bonus.

  GaT7 12:53 20 Aug 2008

If anyone is thinking of taking up O2 broadband, don't forget you can also get £25 cashback from click here (already received mine a few months ago). As I'm also an O2 mobile customer, I pay £5.50 per month in total as a result :-). Was previously paying £10 for quarter the speed with Virgin Media.

"Only niggle was when the order was taken: I was asked for a user name and password" - I've been with around 10 ISPs (2 broadband) over the years & ALL of them did that. It's required for various things connected to your account & is standard procedure by all ISPs I believe. G

  tullie 15:26 20 Aug 2008

No need to keep us informed,migration is an everyday occurence.

  GaT7 17:53 20 Aug 2008

"No need to keep us informed,migration is an everyday occurence." - that's rude & unnecessary tullie. If you don't want to know just stay away.

Some people like to share their experiences, while others (who're thinking of changing ISPs/joining O2 in this case) are interested in the former's experiences - see Green 1's post above. If nothing else, at least read the other posts before making a rude comment like that. jimmybond's post was obviously meant in a different way altogether & caused no offence. G

  Dragon_Heart 21:40 20 Aug 2008

Yes 'tullie' migration IS an everyday occurrence but not everyone has a good experience.

As I said consumerwatch is full of complaints about poor service and / or goods so when I find something that's good ( so far )I let others know.

Not wishing to sound rude but if you not interested don't read the posts !

I have been very grateful on many occasions for this forum and others when I was about to purchase a service or product. First hand experience, good or bad, can be invaluable.

  Dragon_Heart 21:54 20 Aug 2008

So Eigg now has a reliable electricity supply at a cost of over £18,000 per resident So that's only about £92,000,000,000 to get it to the rest of you ?

Isn't 'pffph' a 'word' to describe an exclamation with disgust ?

You should worry ... people in the north of England have been advised to move south for better jobs & pay, in fact ANY job.


Got my O2 confirmation letter and 'on line' date today

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