migrating from wanadoo to freedom2surf

  reddwarfcrew 20:16 14 Feb 2005

I'm thinking about swapping from my £19.99 512Kb uncapped wanadoo service to freedom2surfs new 50GB capped (no cap during the early hours) 2Mb service for £24.99.

Should it be quite straight forward to do? Any tips on things to look out for would be appreciated.

I've always been very happy with the wanadoo service, but they just don't seem to be competitive anymore. Although sods law states that as soon as I leave wanadoo, they will improve their packages.

  smy13 20:42 14 Feb 2005

I'd ring Wanadoo first, it's amazing what deals come out of the woodwork when you talk about leaving some of these companies

  ade.h 21:23 14 Feb 2005

F2S informed me when I joined that it waives the connection fee for existing DSL subscribers coming from other suppliers. Quite a common practice among the smaller providers, I think. It should be straight forward, but if you want to know more, give F2S a call; they're always very helpful over the phone. I did find, however, that there's less hand-holding than I would have liked as a new DSL user; but that's probably average for wires-only packages.

  scotsfilmmaker 13:04 15 Feb 2005

It will be the greatest thing you will have done for your pc. I have 3 friends who's accounts I have set-up with F2S. They were previously on dial-up. Now they have 2mb connection for £14.99, along with 2gig cap. They dont need to have uncapped as they dont download that much. Apart from Nildram, I think Freedom 2 Surf are one of the best ISP's around. I`m going to migrate there next month! Wait until you see your members area log-in area, very professional. Enjoy!

  RoverGB 18:21 15 Feb 2005

Hey There! I was once a customer of NTL, which I found to my horror was as bad as some folks had suggested, even worse I was tied into a 12 month contract.

I then changed to Wanadoo Broadband last October for £17.99 per month 1.1Mbps Speed Broadband. I honestly cannot fault Wanadoo, there have never been any problems so far. This was an important consideration for me, as I need to use The Web, many times daily, and often late into the night.

Comet Stores currently have an offer for £17.99 for a broadband pack for Wanadoo. This normally cost £35.99. so you are getting two months for the price off one month, plus it includes everything you need to connect your computer to Wanadoo Broadband, Microfilter, cable, Speedtouch Modem, which is USB compliant, plus software you need. I recall, that when I had made the choice to go with Wanadoo, after I signed-up online, it was within 7 days, that my telephone supplier enabled my new broadband connection. Wanadoo, offer an Anti-Spam Mail Filter as part of the package as well. Given the amount of time I am on The Net, Wanadoo for me, was a wise choice. In the end, the choice has to be down to what your needs are. If you don't fancy being tied to a 12 month contract, I'd suggest Virgin Broadband, although you would have to provid your own Broadband Modem.

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