Might'nt Seem Much - But

  The Paul 17:43 18 Aug 2003

I emailed TARGUS yesterday to try and locate a retailer who could sell me a new set of tips for my Universal Power Adapter. I use it with my Dell Inspiron. I'd lost the set of tips which I got with the UPA some time ago.

The response from TARGUS was a quick email asking for my address so that they could send me a new tip, with their compliments, to use with the DELL.

Mightnt seem like much to most folks - but sure made me feel good. I just love it when the old fashioned human touch pops up like that.

  Djohn 17:45 18 Aug 2003

Excellent service! Nice to hear. j.

  Stuartli 20:44 18 Aug 2003

It's often the small things that make the most impact.

  rickf 09:57 19 Aug 2003

Targus is relatively unknown here in the UK but a very big firm in Germany. I am glad to hear of the good service. Lidl often sell their products and given the lack of personal touch by Lidl, the manufacturer's quick response is very reassuring.

  The Paul 10:22 19 Aug 2003

I just feel that a level of service over and above the mundane usual stuff, deserves a mention.

  The Paul 08:30 20 Aug 2003

No tip on Sunday - have tip Wed am. Arrived this morning. Delighted. Well done Targus.

  anchor 08:39 20 Aug 2003

It is a pity this level of service was not the norm. Well done Targus.

  tbh72 14:14 20 Aug 2003

I tried to purchase a Nokia 3410 "For Spare Sim Card I Have" for the original price advertised as £4.99 instead of the sales price of £55.15. I received a rather impolite e-mail informing me that the original price should have been £89.99.

The manager at scancom said I could have the phone at cost price £??.??, but I pointed out it was more than I was willing to pay but would be greatful if the sender of the email was repremanded & an appology made. The appology came in the form of a "Reply to sender" email, I was insulted twice in the space of an hour.

I was given the phone for free, and no doubt the employee has taken lessons in diplomacy!!!!

  tbh72 14:17 20 Aug 2003

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