Microwave safe pans / Saucepans

  Ex plorer 10:26 11 Nov 2014

I want to change my microwave pans after reading that some plastics can give off toxin's.

I prefer a pans with a long handle.

I have been looking for the past hour and they all say Fridge and Dishwasher safe, or whether stain proof or not.

But I cant find any that actually advertise microwave safe and those polycarbonate / plastic pans Saucepans are ideal.

I cook 95% by microwave and have done so over the past ten years.

Glassware and pot can be used if they are microwave safe.

  Woolwell 10:38 11 Nov 2014

Ones that I could find Lakeland

  Woolwell 10:40 11 Nov 2014
  spuds 10:56 11 Nov 2014

Check out Amazon, Wlkinsons or even Poundstretcher. You might even have a local stockist for click here

  Ex plorer 13:59 11 Nov 2014

Hi thanks for the links, Woolwell Lake-land do say Microwave Safe and thats very encouraging.

You would think manufactures would say this before any other of the Fridge Dishwasher safe, or whether stain proof or not.

See Here

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