Microsoft's Action Pack - ?16K worth of software!

  powerless 17:43 04 Nov 2003

Close you mouth please... click here

"The 2003 Action Pack is very cost-effective, giving you access to ?16,000 worth of Microsoft? internal-use software. Quarterly updates ensure you have access to the most up-to-date Microsoft products throughout the year. For example, Windows Server? 2003 and Office 2003. You will also receive the latest sales, marketing and technical resources to help increase your sales of Microsoft products and solutions. You get all this for just ?199 + VAT."

16k? Oh my...

Does anyone actually subscribe to this?

Could anyone tell me a little more about it, experience, limitations?

  powerless 23:55 04 Nov 2003




  MichelleC 08:48 05 Nov 2003

You have to ask yourself just one question, do I feel lucky. Well, do you Mr Gates?

Seriously, it's not a bad offer, but I'd be interested in making some assumptions as to the true motives behind it.

  powerless 08:52 05 Nov 2003

I've since found out that you need a "Buisness".

  MichelleC 10:30 05 Nov 2003

Ah, that's one good motive.

  Sir Radfordin 11:30 05 Nov 2003

That depends on what they define as a 'business' - its very very very simple to set yourself up a 'self employed' (even if you don't really do any work!) the only burdon is a self assesment form each year.

  powerless 15:54 05 Nov 2003

I'm suprised.

16K worth of software for 200 and only 2 people have replied. Now either everyone thinks, another spam ms email and "already know what the subject will be about". Or everyone has passed out, as it was a shock to the system!

Sir Radfordin - hmmm me have an idea.

  walesrob 16:22 05 Nov 2003

Apart from the requirement of being in business to use the software, this offer is a subscription service only. Put simply you pay ?200 yearly, but if subscription is not renewed you must stop using the software (how M$ enforce this I dont know), but otherwise its a good offer considering you get Windows XP Pro, Office 2003, in all about 48 discs in the whole pack.

  Sir Radfordin 22:12 05 Nov 2003

Its the fact you may have to do something more than once that didn't stop me pulling out the credit card straight away. For that much software ?200 seems cheaper than 'borrowing' it of a mate ;)

Didn't think it would be that easy!

  bfoc 22:19 05 Nov 2003

When you see the allowed licences.

How much would it cost for:
10 licences for Win XP Pro,
10 for Office Pro 2003,
10 for Frontpage
etc, etc.

It is a pretty stunning deal.

  powerless 20:35 06 Nov 2003

ah well, you seen it here first!

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