Microsoft Technical Support included - Yeah!

  xania 14:39 28 Dec 2010

I have just purchased MS Office Professional 2010 with 1 year Technical support included. Nut trying to access that suport has already taken me 2 hours and I'm about to give up. Perhaps that's the idea. Their system asks for a product type so you enter Office 2010 suite - you can then choose the versiuon you want and I select Office Professsional 2010 (all languages) and then you tell MS why you are using the product. So far so good. It then asks what type of support option you require and the system can either look for the product identification number itself or you enter you own number or you pay for support. Choose option 1 and it helpfully tells me that it cannot find the number automatically - I have to enter it myself. OK - so I enter it myself and it then tells me just as helpfully that the number I enter refers to Office Professsional 2010 Plue (all languages) not Office Professsional 2010 (all languages). Of course, this option is not available so, in other words, technical support is not available. What a con. Unless, of course, someone out there knows better.

NB I'm not going to bore you with the problems I am having with Office 2010 at present. Maybe in the New Year I'll treat you to this as well, butr for the present, I've paid for support from M/S so I think they should provide it.

  xania 13:11 29 Dec 2010


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 29 Dec 2010

or transfer to Consumerwatch forum :0)

  xania 19:22 29 Dec 2010

In the past, every time an email was downloaded to the PC (i was using Outlook Express), it was immedaitely removed from the ISP's server. Now, using Outlook 2010 all these email's are remaining on the server and we have to delete them manually. I'm sure there is an option somewhere in Outlook to tell the server to delete these emails, but I can't find it.

  Ford Prefect 01 19:35 29 Dec 2010

If so I would love to know the answer!!

  Ford Prefect 01 19:59 29 Dec 2010

Done that, to the letter.

With anything Google Mail based it does not work in Outlook 2007 or 2010.

I have e-mail accounts with Tiscali, (works there) O2 (works there) Sky and Virgin Media (both Google Mail based) it does not work.

  xania 23:48 29 Dec 2010

No - its a BT Pop3 account, but thanks to Woolwell who has found the answer I was seeking. I will now ask FE to move this over to Consumerwatch to resolve the main issue.

Many thanks and a Happy New Year to all.

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