Microsoft Surface Pro 3 buying advice desperately needed

  andy101981 16:06 08 Oct 2014

I am thinking of buying a Surface Pro 3 - 512 GB / Intel i7 / 8GB RAM I just have a few questions.

Does it come with Microsoft office software?

Can I install any software I want or is it just software specific to the surface pro 3?

Can I install software that I already have for my windows 7 laptop? Google chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird email, Nero video editing software (light use), Adobe photoshop (light use), VT Cash books

Does it have a gps? If so can I install Tomtom software on it?

Is the keyboard included? If not presumably it has a FULL on screen keyboard?

Is it fan cooled?

Does it have a full sized USB port on it?

Does it have bluetooth audio? (for my van stereo)

Does it have a DLNA or miracast connection? (It 100% needs to have this).

Any help welcome!! Or even if you can think of a better tablet that would suite my needs better please let me know.

Kind regards Andy

  Forum Editor 18:12 08 Oct 2014

Taking your questions in the order in which you asked:-

  1. No. It may include a trial version, but that will be all.
  2. Yes. The Surface will be running Windows 8.1 Pro, you can install any software that is compatible with that version.
  3. See answer above
  4. It has a digital compass, but you can't use it as a satnav device out of the box.
  5. No, and yes.
  6. Yes, but the fans are tiny. The tablet will get hot when it's working hard. 7.Yes
  7. It has bluetooth connectivity, provided your Bluetooth device is compatible with Windows 8.1
  8. Read this

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