Microsoft Surface - how do people feel about it?

  [email protected] 22:00 16 Oct 2012

Microsoft's tablet will be released in 10 days time. They've only just released the (American) pricing info which is:

  • $499 for the basic 32GB model without the keyboard (or $599 with keyboard).

  • $699 for the 64GB model with keyboard.

I really want it to do well. I think it's a great innovative device and I hate the way Apple conducts its business in such monopolistic ways, so I'd like to see some more worthy competition out there alongside the Android tablets (which, apart from a select few, are performing quite poorly).

I don't think they've priced it right though. It costs the same as an iPad, and people just aren't going to give it a chance without a good reason to do so. I think its biggest selling feature is the keyboard/cover (not that I know whether it's actually any good or not, but I'm sure it will be) and I think they should at least include this with every model, without charging $100 more.

And then that still leaves the problem of app support. People aren't going to want to spend lots of money on a tablet that has poor app support, and app writers are going to be reluctant to develop for a platform that has few users. I felt their only chance to break in to the market was to release a device that was just simply too good to resist (like what Google has achieved with the Nexus 7), but at those prices it just isn't.

Also, if I've understood the reports properly, with the exception of the Microsoft stores in the US, the Surface will be available online only. Surely by selling it on the high street, store assistants will be one of their best methods of pushing the device?

It will be interesting to see what happens.

  wee eddie 22:19 16 Oct 2012

I have a budget put aside for the Windows version.

But, will be evaluating its capabilities before I buy

  Forum Editor 22:19 16 Oct 2012

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  keverne 22:30 16 Oct 2012

UK price for the RT 32GB version with a black Touch Cover is £479. How can I persuade my missus to let me spend that amount?

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