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  Faser 20:29 19 Oct 2003

Like many people I find it easier to update Windows from the Help and Support Centre, until now.
Has anyone else noticed that they have put a whole raft of (23) updates in one? It is called "Update Rollup 1 for Windows XP" number 826939.
The problem is this contains the hotfix that makes it impossible to use a desktop short cut to removable drives. Worse still another unidentified hotfix considerably slows my PC down.
I have removed 826939 and will now have to seek updates manually, what a pain!

  graham√ 21:19 19 Oct 2003

Sorry, mate, you posted this in the wrong forum. You may want to add to the debate in Helproom. I can't give a link 'cus my mouse is full.

  graham√ 21:27 19 Oct 2003

Apology, I'm in the forum! That's the trouble with having more than one forum open!

click here

  graham√ 21:28 19 Oct 2003

the wrong forum, I meant to say.

  Faser 21:48 19 Oct 2003

I am not quite sure what graham means, however I am not seeking helproom advice.
As a Microsoft product consumer I am having a moan in the vain hope that Microsoft will stop behaving like big brother!

  Forum Editor 00:31 20 Oct 2003

Imagine yourself in Microsoft's shoes. Most of these updates are there to plug detected security holes, and if the company didn't offer them for download it would (rightly) be pilloried in every web forum and IT magazine on the planet.

Microsoft must at times feel that they are in that unenviable position of being damned if they do and damned if they don't.

As for behaving like Big brother - well, nobody's forcing you to download anything if you choose otherwise.

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