Microsoft Software Security

  Brian-336451 11:53 26 Jun 2004

I was just looking at the Helproom threads and saw 'another flaw in Internet Explorer'.

In fairness to MS, what other products in this crazy world are attacked with the relentless dedication and ferocity that is attracted by MS's offerings?

My life is actually better for Windows/Explorer/Office/Media Player and so on.

I own a house, a BMW, a fridge etc etc and nobody attacks them (unless I'm extremely unlucky) yet MS software is forced to spend prodigious quantities of money and resources armour plating their applications.

It's a shame all that ability that the hackers, virus writers etc can't be channelled into something useful.

If any hackers etc are reading this - yes you're very clever. It's a pity that you have to hide your brilliance instead of being openly proud of something that makes peoples' lives better.

Perhaps that's why most of them are so expensive.

Just a thought . . .

  Brian-336451 11:56 26 Jun 2004

The 'expensive' bit being the major Operating System and Applications.

  Forum Editor 12:38 26 Jun 2004

who don't have a properly developed social sense. They haven't acquired the sense of being part of a functioning society, and of the need to respect and abide by the rules of behaviour and the conventions that all societies must have if they are to survive and prosper. Such people see their fellow men and women as different to themselves - sometimes (but not always) as superior, and sometimes as an anonymous mass, to be preyed on at will. These feelings exist in varying degrees of course, and many such people function in an apparently normal way. They wouldn't consider committing an armed robbery, or murdering someone for their wallet, but they are more than willing to carry out random attacks on computers remotely, via the internet, by releasing viruses. They know that it's unlikely they'll be traced, and they derive satisfaction from seeing the havoc they cause for the rest of us in general, and for big commercial organisations in particular. I regard them as being similar to the people who go around wrecking bus and phone shelters, spitting or squirting glue (and other substances) into ATM card slots, or yanking up saplings and flowers in public parks, or running a key down the side of a parked car. They aren't getting at any one person in particular, they're just enjoying a bit of gratuitous vandalism without a single thought for the inconvenience and cost that will result. Such mindless destruction is borne of apathy and a total lack of concern for others.

The rest of us have to survive somehow, and pay for the vandalism in one way or another, and where software is concerned we can at least try to protect ourselves from the worst ravages of the viruses and other nasties. Such protection costs money of course, and takes time and resources to develop. Microsoft finally appears to have recognised the real need for software that keeps our computers safe, and they will major on security in future releases. No doubt the virus writers will rub their grubby little hands together and get busy exploiting new loopholes as fast as Microsoft and others close the existing ones.

  carver 19:56 26 Jun 2004

Nicely put and I couldn't agree more, it's just a pity public flogging couldn't be implemented.

  [email protected] 20:31 26 Jun 2004

I agree completely

Its easy to commit any crime when you dont have to see the victims affected by it.

Still what goes round, comes round...........................!

  mikef. 22:15 26 Jun 2004

And to all those who say Linux is safer, just wait until that becomes more popular, particularly with businesses, I'm willing to bet that it will then become just as much of a target as Windows.

  hugh-265156 01:35 27 Jun 2004

i agree. fed up with all the moaning about xp and microsoft. at least microsoft get the patches out for these so called 'flaws' in xp sharpish and all for free too. how can we complain.

as mikef. linux and other OS are by no means any more secure than windows and will maybe take 10 secs more for the determined hacker/cracker (whatever you call them) to break into if they really wanted too and they are nowhere near as user friendly to use or to update.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:15 27 Jun 2004

There has to be a modicum of reality here. Microsoft, in spite of what some people think, has changed our lives completely. It has been the biggest revolution ever. The software is easy to use, worldwide, needs little training and is reliable.

Most of the security holes do not really affect home users and there is an enormous amount of hype regarding viruses. The chances of a home computer getting a virus are slight, providing some SIMPLE self responsibility is adhered to. Even if a computer is stricken, follow a few simple instructions and the virus will be gone. I have never had to reformat a computer that has had a virus. You will never get hacked on a home computer so any tales of information being robbed off the HD by a remote attacker are apocryphal. A home user can operate the computer in total confidence.

As all other OS, Microsoft is NOT a nanny programme. You cannot put it on and forget about it. Like a car, it needs some SIMPLE home maintenance. Do that and there will be no problems. There is plenty of free info around (here for a start) so no one should be in the dark.

There are Microsoft knockers but they cannot provide a better, all round system that can be used by ANYONE who has minimal awareness, clever or daft.

From one box I can listen to thousands of crystal clear, radio stations, hi-fi quality music, talk to and see friends in Aussie FOC, send all manner of documents and photos instantly, work from home etc., etc, all because of MS. It'll more than do for me.


  Brian-336451 09:29 15 Jul 2004

Thanks for the responses chaps, it is so nice to see that 'realistic' view.

Personally I agree with Gandalf, I have never been 'knowingly' hacked, the only time I have been subjected to viruses was when I was playing with Kazaa (caveat emptor) but no damage was done because I run the full suite of firewall/virus protection.

I know that people demonize our Bill, but as said above his products have thoroughly changed (for the better) my life both professionally and in the home environment.

Yes his business dealings have been self promoting and questionable in some areas - name me a big company/corportation not run by HUMANS, sadly its a human failing.

Talking of humans . . . I have NEVER run any bootleg software - have I? I'll have to stop now as my nose is pushing against the screen and I can't reach the keyboard! (Apologies to Pinnochio.)

Microsoft - Good luck

I shall tick this, as I think we are all preaching to the converted. Thanks again for your responses.

  dth 15:08 15 Jul 2004

A bit deep FE for a Thursday!

By way of comment Linux is a far more secure
o/s than any of your Windows systems. This is
mainly due to the way that it is structured and
to a lesser extent due to the prominance of Windows.

Cetainly there are patches for Linux systems -
although Linux viruses exist only on in a proof of
concept basis. I do love it when every other day I receive a windows virus when am using the Kmail.

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