Microsoft and Serial Key's...

  Pilch from 21:12 07 Jul 2003

Today i spent about an hour getting the same error on 3 machines i was building....

Serial Code is wrong..

Tried re-typing it..

same again.

Thought i got all the key's and CD's muddled up..

No, cos i took one out at a time..

Anyhow i asked someone after a lot of head scratching....

They said try changed the B's to 8's and vice versa..


My grip is that these key's really wherent very clear.....

So someone that has very poor sight, i guess would struggle.

So surely microsoft could make the print a bit clearer in the future, rather than having a sticker that the font is small on and so hard to read!

  Sir Radfordin 22:15 07 Jul 2003

I think M$ found that the 8's and the B's got a little mixed up and in later versions I heard a rumour that you could use either.

  DieSse 22:59 07 Jul 2003

I use an eye glass - but them I'm getting on and my sight is faaaiiilllliiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggggggg a bit anyway.


I cant see where you are coming from :-) (Joke!!)

Seriously though, if they made thing's easier, it would make people's life's a lot easier!

When windows 95 and 98 was about, you had a certificate that was nice and clear...

But these badge's, are a pain!

  -pops- 07:42 08 Jul 2003

On a program download once, I was given license number on the order receipt. I duly printed this out and proceeded with installing.

It would not accept the number, even after changing the B's to 8's. Whilst I was doing this, the confirmatory email with license code arrived which I checked and compared with the one I already had. The penny then dropped. The original was written in a sans serif font, the email in TNR. Several, but not all, of what I thought were figure 1's were letter I's.


  Audeal 11:18 09 Jul 2003

Pilch from
If everything was made so easy then all the fun would be taken our of using your computer.

  greenkeen 13:11 09 Jul 2003

I'v always thought that they should put letters in black ink and numbers in red and then you would know.
But then maybe that might make life a bit too easy and you wold never get to talk to anyone in the forum.

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