Microsoft sent me a virus

  t.long 14:33 23 May 2003

I recieved an email from '[email protected]' which included an attachment called 'My eetails'. It came as a reply, ie. the subject was 're: My details' so at first I figured it was reply from when XP likes to send fault reports to Microsoft, though I always tell it not to bother, so this seemed a little wierd. I was a bit suspious so I opened it at uni - well I do not study/work there anymore, and I figured that their virus guard would be better than mine -and it came up as a virus, I doubt that Microsoft is sending viruses out, any ideas what this is?

  lovelylel 14:43 23 May 2003

Yes, there have been some other threads about this one, try click here

  t.long 14:56 23 May 2003

Cheers lovelylel, nice to know its not just me, had a feeling that MS might have some sort of vendetta against me lol, ah well thank God for AVG.

  beeuuem 15:41 23 May 2003

Fromclick here

The mail is not actually from Microsoft
Microsoft is a frequent target of virus writers, who often disguise viruses and other attacks as messages or bulletins from Microsoft tech support.

The company's official policy is that it does not distribute any software using email, preferring to use CDs or its website to dispense new software and software updates.

While the company does email customers, it does not send attachments and authenticates all messages with a digital signature

  rins36 22:04 26 May 2003

I have also posted this on the Help page re Warning......Virus

  spuds 23:28 26 May 2003

Seems like quite a number of people had this little visitor. Put a google search and all will be revealed (:o(

  lemon2 00:36 27 May 2003

So thats what it was!

I had an email pupporting to be from [email protected] a day or two ago. Titled re: movie, As I'd had no recent communication with Microsoft I deleted from within Mailwasher, as i do with all email that I'm not expecting. I did wonder whether some script kiddie was trying to distribute his/her virus.

  Forum Editor 00:58 27 May 2003

and up-to-date anti virus program like
click here you need have no fears about this kind of thing. Your email will be scanned for viruses before you open it, and a reassuring "incoming mail is certified virus free" message will appear at the bottom of each inbound mail.

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