Microsoft Office XP for Students and Teachers

  Fedupfrombolton 10:39 22 Sep 2003

I'm looking to buy Microsoft Office XP (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) for the family PC. Looking at, I can pay £330 or £85 for the version for students and teachers. The only criteria for this reduced price seems to be that I'm buying it for use for a full time Student or Teacher. Given that I have two boys in full time education who certainly will be using it, this is not a problem. However, I wonder if there are any "gotchas" here? Is there any difference between the ordinary £330 version and the cheaper £85 version? Cut down functionality?
Does anyone have any experience of this?

  Djohn 11:24 22 Sep 2003

None whatsoever, If you qualify, and from reading your posting you do qualify, then go ahead and buy with ease of mind. Regards. j.

  [email protected] 14:35 22 Sep 2003

I dont think you get the manual - but then again I could be wrong.

  slimpickins 15:21 22 Sep 2003

I've no idea how they inforce it but student licenses run for the duration of the course after which time they are supposed to be uninstalled.

  174232 16:11 22 Sep 2003

get broadband and download it

And precisely where would you download Office XP from? On second thoughts, dont answer that as it would obviously be pirate and therefore your post should be ignored or even removed.


As Djohn states, Office XP for students and Teachers is the full unadulterated version (as is windows XP Pro) with four full programs, not cutdowns.

the only thing I would say is DONT BUY IT YET!!!

In just over a weeks time, Microsft will be releasing Office 2003 which is the latest incarnation of the office suite. It has many improvements over XP and will also be available in Student & Teacher format (about £120).

I have yet to see it listed on Amazon but would thnk that click here would stock it when released.

  Djohn 16:33 22 Sep 2003

Please take the excellent advice from Smiffy99, even if you don't want the new version, the current one may drop in price.

Please ignore the reply from 174232, it is not a viable or legal alternative!

Once you have purchased your product, it will be perfectly in order to use for as long as you wish, there are no time restrictions placed on it. Regards. j.

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