Microsoft Office 2003 / Frontpage 2003

  tbh72 14:56 31 Mar 2003

click here

The above link takes you to the microsoft office website where you will be able to order the beta version of microsft's new GEM.

Roll on mid 2003, I want FP.......

  ajm 17:28 31 Mar 2003

I've managed to test Office 2003/Frontpage 2003. I use mostly Outlok and Word on a daily basis. All i can say that Outlook 2003 is SUPERB!!!! Word 2003 has many features that I still have not tested, but overal the user-interface is improved.

  Nick2002 18:40 31 Mar 2003

Er you can get Office 2003 Beta 2 already. You can get a *special* copy from IRC. Do a search on, or for "Office 2003" then download. It's about 570MB in size.

You will need an IRC client such as mIRC (

  €dstow 18:57 31 Mar 2003

It will have to be some pretty devastating improvements to persuade me to change. It only seems a few weeks since Office XP was issued.

I did promote from Office 97 to XP as there was an appreciable improvement and also several years between their respective launches.

The short time between OXP and this new one is too short.

Are there any mind blowing improvements or is it a case of even more tarting up of an already over made up office suite?


  Forum Editor 19:08 31 Mar 2003

That depends on how you work with Office.

If you are a business user and the Microsoft Sharepoint facilities appeal to you there are undoubtedly good reasons for making the move to Office 2003.

On the other hand, if you are a home user I doubt that you'll find a compelling reason to part with the considerable amount of cash that this version of Office will sell for. It looks like being the most expensive Office release ever, and I don't think Microsoft are expecting too many copies to go into the home-user market - at least not for a while.

I've been testing the software since the beta 1 stage, and I'm used to it now. I wouldn't part with it now, but then I won't have to.

  €dstow 19:24 31 Mar 2003


I should have thought you would have known my position and interests by now. I have been a regular here for almost a year. Yes, I am a business user and a user of M$ graphics packages which they have now, in XP, so thoughtfully removed from the general Office suite to sell as separate items.

The sharepoint facilities don't hold much excitement for my work.

As you point out, the suite will be expensive. Even if the outlay is not of much importance to me, getting value for money is and from what I have been informed or found out about this new version, I don't think I will be in the market for a copy.


  Taran 20:33 31 Mar 2003

You may be more impressed as time marches on and some of the features included with Office 2003 actually get discussed and explained more openly.

Beta testing can be a pain sometimes, in that you can't discuss in depth the product(s) you are testing. This is a real shame because if I could I'd shout about this latest release of Office from every soap box I could find.

It's a progression rather than a new product, but it has so many additional features compared to the older releases that it might as well be new.

Depending on how you work and what you work with, it can dramatically increase output and decrease your time investment in projects. Like our Forum Editor, I wouldn't dream of going back to Office 2002 (XP) or 2000/97 after having sampled the two Beta releases of Office 2003.

Wait and watch. You'll be impressed I'm sure and yes, based on the little you have mentioned, I'd say Office 2003 would offer you an improved working environment. Aside from the undemanding home computer user, I really can't think of too many situations where Office 2003 would fail to make life far easier than it currently is.


  tbh72 00:51 01 Apr 2003

Anyway...... I just want Front Page, the screen shots & descriptions look very impressive. Will FP 2003 be available as a seperate product & will it be released at a similar time to office??

  Forum Editor 01:35 01 Apr 2003

will be available as a standalone product as far as I know, and yes, it will be released at the same time as the main Office suite.

As Taran says - beta testing demands that you enter into an agreement not to discuss software features until details are released by Microsoft, but like him I have nothing but praise for this new Office version. Microsoft appears to have adopted a new approach to software development over the past couple of years, and it shows in the quality of the products. Windows XP was a fine example, and Office 2003 looks set to be the same.

I repeat that I don't think many home users will want to part company with a large chunk of their well-earned cash for this new issue, but business users should form an orderly queue at Microsoft's door for the Enterprise edition.

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