Microsoft Office 2003 for 17.99

  DrScott 15:06 08 May 2006

Just a heads up to those who work in companies with volume licenses of Microsoft Office: you can get a full edition of Office 2003 for the cost of a CD and posting through the Microsoft Office Home Use Program. click here Just speak to your IT departments about it.

Now a lot of you may already know about this, but I've only just discovered it, and it is a fantastic saving of money. Takes about 7 to 10 days for the CD to come through. Microsoft get a huge thumbs up from me :o) Cheers Bill!!

  rmcqua 15:18 08 May 2006

That is a remarkable cost saving!

  namtas 15:42 08 May 2006

It is good news to those that can get it however appears that this is all part of a major giveaway programme, and some federal agencies have not taking to lightly to the gift. this is how CNET.News reports the story
Microsoft has been mailing free copies of its pricey Office productivity software to government employees, but that at least two federal agencies are warning recipients to return the gifts or risk violating federal ethics policies.
Since the launch of Office 2003 last year, Microsoft has given out tens of thousands of free copies of its flagship software, which retails for about $500, to workers at its biggest customers. The giveaway was expanded to government workers this year, but ethics offices at the Department of the Interior and Department of Defense have said the offers constitute unauthorized gifts and must be returned.
The Department of the Army went a step further, calling on Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates to stop sending the software to Army personnel.”

  dmc727 15:45 08 May 2006

Don’t want to pour cold water on it but there are conditions – if you leave the job the licence lapses. Is that good or bad!! - but for £18 you aren’t paying big bucks. It would be the hassle of getting another copy and starting again if Sir Alan Sugar happened to pass by.

Another route is the academic one – you need a higher educational contact in this option but the prices are very good - it is backed by Microsoft:click here

Recently I wanted a copy of Frontpage 2003 which retails for around £180. What with the OEM, academic and such copies decided in the end to get the full monty - purchased one (genuine full retail copy) off Ebay for £50. The world works in mysterious ways!!

  DrScott 17:04 08 May 2006

Well I'm likely to be in the NHS for a loooong time yet... Still, if I did leave, and the license did expire, I'm not entirely sure how that would stop the software working.

Ethics? Well not living under federal law, this being the UK, I'm not really concerned with what the United States military feel about it. It's a shrewd business move in some way, since it means companies are more likely to purchase volume licenses if it means their staff can be 'productive' at home. But it's not really a gift - it has to be applied for, plus there is a cost: it was not directly advertised to me nor was it sent without request.

Anyway, if other forum users can persuade their bosses to sign up for it, it's really a bargain.

  dmc727 17:28 08 May 2006

Lapsed licence…. “I'm not entirely sure how that would stop the software working.”

No neither am I – maybe just a technical wrong doing but the thing still works.

Wonder if it moves from PC to PC unlike OEM - for that price there has to be some draw backs or I am too skeptical- or is it a matter who cares for that money.

  mike1967 20:20 08 May 2006

No it works fine and I can find no drawbacks, also allowed Visio Pro and Project with my company, suppose to return the discs if you leave the company

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