Microsoft Licence issue

  recap 19:03 29 Sep 2006

At work we are donating 12 desktop PC's, all are Dell machines that came with their own Operating Systems, XP Pro.

My question is this: can we leave the Operating Systems installed or do we have to wipe them off?

  961 19:12 29 Sep 2006

No, Dell have paid Microsoft for the operating system for those machines. So long as those machines continue to work the o/s license is valid

I am sure you aren't using the o/s on any other machine

Those receiving these machines must be aware that if the machine dies, so does the right to use that copy of windows

  recap 20:35 29 Sep 2006

Thanks 961, and you are correct, we are not using the licences on any other machines.

  Forum Editor 23:05 29 Sep 2006

you must ensure that the licence stickers are intact, and still on the computers.

If they're not, the licences are technically invalid.

  Totally-braindead 00:16 30 Sep 2006

I've been doing this for a local charity recently and have used the original licence keys which are mounted on the back of the computers ( we had 32 of them donated). I have authenticated and updated them all and they are all running correctly. The only thing they did insist on when they donated them was that the PCs were blanked before windows was reinstalled and this was done. As has been pointed out the licences die with the machines.

  recap 08:49 02 Oct 2006

Thanks FE & Totally-braindead. My intentions are to wipe them and re-install the OS.

There is a server running Windows 2003 which I installed seperately, so this OS will have to be taken off the machine, as It did not come installed.

  def90csw 13:44 02 Oct 2006

Must admit we normally take out the Hard Drives and put in brand new ones, normally 20 or 40 GB. The old hard drives are then used within the company. This is mainly as a security measure to make sure no info can be taken of them later by someone else.

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