microsoft lets us down again

  obbit 13:01 18 Aug 2003

click here

it's about time they had the stuff working correctly!!!!

  spikeychris 13:27 18 Aug 2003

In defence of M$ (like they need defending from me) click here


  spikeychris 13:30 18 Aug 2003

Just seen the related links on the BBC page............

  obbit 13:32 18 Aug 2003

it is probably unknown to some that this is happening!!

  -pops- 13:55 18 Aug 2003

In perspective, for a large number of us it doesn't matter one jot what is hidden in metatags and whatever else they are called. As far as the government and any/all of its associated services are concerned, they should have known better. The extra information added to M$ Office documents is no secret - there are knowledge base articles about it going back some considerable time. If it is of such concern to the authorities, government, MI5, MI6 and any other dim or dismal official department it is their responsibility to find these things out - it doesn't take much effort as we can see.

  Forum Editor 18:21 18 Aug 2003

this has been known about for ages - and unless you are in the habit of working collaboratively on documents with other people, and then distributing the documents electronically it won't affect you at all.

Any Network supervisor worth his/her salt certainly knows about it, and I'm astonished that government departments didn't.

  obbit 18:38 18 Aug 2003

i intended this thread to show that microsoft is the one at fault here. the stuff that they make is over priced and faulty.

  -pops- 18:59 18 Aug 2003

Whether the effect referred to here is a fault in the system of not depends very much on your point of view and if you're on the receiving end of any adverse effects.

The metadata system is no secret, as has been pointed out, and just because persons in so called authority have been caught out by the incompetence of their minions doesn't make the system wrong, just the users.

I agree about the pricing though!

  obbit 19:16 18 Aug 2003

"There is a function in many versions of Microsoft Office programs, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, that means that fragments of data (which Microsoft refers to as metadata) from other files you deleted or were working on at the same time could be hidden in any document you save."

"Occasionally it revealed very personal information such as social security numbers that are beloved of criminals who specialise in identity theft."

"Also available was useful information about the internal network the document travelled through, which could be useful to anyone looking for a route into a network."

three sentnces from the news report. -pops- i think it is more serious than we think. i have sent documents in this way not knowing of this serious fault in the software. i expect something i pay for to work as i would expect it too and not in the shoddy way that microsoft make thier products work. or in some cases not work. how many updates and security patches have we had?

of course things could be better, we could have a serious alternative to microsoft!!

  -pops- 19:27 18 Aug 2003

The fact that M$ systems do this is known and as the FE pointed out:

"Any Network supervisor worth his/her salt certainly knows about it, and I'm astonished that government departments didn't."

Frankly, so am I. Especially when the country's security may be compromised.

  wee eddie 19:35 18 Aug 2003

I shall revert to sending documents as .txt files, but still creating them in Word.

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