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  recap 10:28 15 Aug 2003

Don't know whether this is been posted before?

Microsoft have a grants scheme that gives away software in kind to hundreds of charity and community groups in the UK, here is a list of some of the software they are giving away:

Office XP Professional
Office XP Developer
Frontpage 2002
Windowx XP Home & Pro#
Microsoft Visio 2002
Office Mac 2001
and a whole lot more.

click here to find out more.

  wee eddie 21:52 17 Aug 2003

Word, Excel, Access, Outlook. Without all the fancy stuff

  Forum Editor 23:05 17 Aug 2003

I can't for the life of me imagine why they should.

Students are students by choice, and I don't see why people seem to expect that simply because they are studying something they should be entitled to get freebies. When I was a student (millions of years ago), I didn't get anything for nothing. I still managed to stumble through university (working part-time to generate a bit of cash) and get a reasonable degree at the end of it all.

Thats my little rant over with, and I don't expect to be deafened with cries of 'hear, hear' but there's a serious point in it. If I was the Microsoft director responsible for such things I might take the view that students would benefit from a temporary free licence - along the lines mentioned by Q-Bie. That makes sense, and will help students during their study course.

At the end of it though, they are part of the working population, just like the rest of us (or they should be), and there's no reason they should continue to benefit from the priviledge. Let them pay for their software like the rest of us.

  recap 14:02 19 Aug 2003

Microsoft must be the quickest organisation to respond to a funding application and deliver I have known of.

Posted funding letter 8th August, received reply 14th August stating that they had accepted my application. Received the software on 18th August.

A pat on the back for Microsoft for once I think, as normally funding can take up to and over 6 months.

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