Microsoft Embrace Peer 2 Peer

  special sophie 20:22 06 Mar 2003

The future of file sharing
The recording industry spends a lot of time and money trying to shut down peer-to-peer networks. It has succeeded in a few cases, only to have more pop up in their places.

I see peer-to-peer networks as a growth industry, but not in the way you might think. While interested parties look for ways to shut down these networks, Microsoft has released the beta of a peer-to-peer development kit for Windows XP. No, Microsoft isn't attempting to grab market share from Kazaa. Built-in file sharing has the potential to revolutionize corporate networks and make an impact on personal computing as well.

Of course, Windows already features built-in networking and the ability to share folders, but you generally need a network administrator to set it up. With a corporate file-sharing network, you could point to someone on your corporate buddy list and see what files they have for you. Or instead of e-mailing documents to co-workers, you could just grab them from a file-sharing window. The only thing lacking from current technology is security.

Do you think peer-to-peer file sharing has a future? Let me know at [email protected].

Wayne Cunningham
Senior Editor, CNET

This is an email I recieved today I'm not actually wayne Cunningham.

  powerless 20:25 06 Mar 2003

I recieved that the other day ;-)

P2P has a future...In my opinion.

  special sophie 20:28 06 Mar 2003

Looks that way Powerless

  graham 20:36 06 Mar 2003

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  powerless 20:39 06 Mar 2003

i before e except after c

  Cordy13 20:41 06 Mar 2003

Weird !!!

  special sophie 20:45 06 Mar 2003

thank you grammar man

  ahales42 21:08 06 Mar 2003


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