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  Coffe_King 14:12 22 Dec 2003

Article: click here

I dont think that Microsoft dominate the Media Player industry because they lie and cheat, I think its because they make a very high quality free media player which does more than you want it to. If anyone has ever tried realone player, Real Networks offering, you will agree with me when I say that the free version provides no where near the capabilities of its Microsoft counterpart. Please tell me we are not getting into another debate about how microsoft should ship its software. Next they will be telling us Microsoft cant sell Windows packages to PC manafacturers because the guys over at RedHat have a problem with it! I can talk as I have tried almost every main stream alternative to Windows and found myself crawling back simply because of its ease of use.

  Coffe_King 14:16 22 Dec 2003

If you are interested here are a few links:

Operating Systems
RedHat Linux: click here
Mandrake Linux: click here
Linux Online: click here
MacOS: click here

Media Players:
Windows Media: click here
Real Networks RealOne: click here
WinAmp: click here
QuickTime: click here

  david.h 16:15 22 Dec 2003

I agree mediaplayer is better than the other ones in my opinion, I also have quicktime and realplayer for programs than do not run media player.

But I have never seen any programs to play back that need winamp other than their own web site is it worth having as no web sites seem to use it.

  alcudia 16:49 22 Dec 2003

I agree with you, this is sour grapes. Real produce a vastly inferior product, and then complain because people don't want it. Media Player has been an integrated part of Windows since at least 3.1. It has just got better with each new version of Windows. I could understand it if MP was something new with XP, but it isn't. I hope Real get shafted with this.

I will only use Media player even though I regularly visit sites with streaming media that it will not allow to be played (Such as BBCI). Why do I persist with Media Player and forgo content that I would really like to see?

Simple - just read the EULA of RealPlayer and the amount of access that you are required to give the damn thing in order for it to work. i am not just talking updates here, but unless I am missing something it is just about the biggest single piece of spyware there is!

  Coffe_King 17:37 22 Dec 2003

Thats true! Couldnt agree more Smiffy99, and the Real Message centre popping up every five minutes with 'an important message from Real Networks'.

I am just glad you all share my opinion!

  leo49 18:00 22 Dec 2003

Well I think they're both garbage - don't have either on my PCs.

  Coffe_King 18:08 22 Dec 2003

What do you use then leo49?

  leo49 18:11 22 Dec 2003


  Coffe_King 18:13 22 Dec 2003

Looks quite good, might give it a try. Thanks.

  leo49 18:14 22 Dec 2003

I use the Pro version not the free one.

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