Microsoft to close chat rooms

  powerless 23:21 23 Sep 2003

Or should that be MSN?

Well anyway just on the news (Ch5) they are to close the chat rooms because of recent events involving rooms.

ALL chat rooms? I think "some"...

  [DELETED] 23:26 23 Sep 2003

Yep! just heard it on SKY news, although it did mention something about some of the services remainig open on a, "pay for system". j.

  [DELETED] 23:33 23 Sep 2003

Yep! it's just come on the news again. Only highly monitored sites or subscription sites to remain.

  powerless 23:45 23 Sep 2003

Were damn quick.

  [DELETED] 23:46 23 Sep 2003

'bout time.


  [DELETED] 23:59 23 Sep 2003

I tried a couple of the AOL chat rooms when I first went on-line with them. First one was for photography, twenty-odd people in the room talking in a strange language, and after thirty minutes or so, not one mention of photography!

Second one was for motoring, I was the only one in the room and I have tried it several times since, still no one else in the room. :o(

  [DELETED] 00:02 24 Sep 2003

what does that give you diffrently?or is there a
financial gain only? not a subject that i follow.

  wee eddie 09:24 24 Sep 2003

Usually require you to provide payment. In a manner that is identifiable as having come from you as an individual.

So providing an "Audit Trail" which would, theoretically discourage paedophiles.

  [DELETED] 10:19 24 Sep 2003

Jim and wee eddie. I see the point you both make and one can be cynical and say it's a Microsoft way of making more money. But I don't think that's the Case this time.

As eddie points out, and on the news this morning, it will be a matter of registering and giving Credit/Debit card details, then there is some form of trace back to the members, if necessary. This will be a good idea, but the fee needs to be kept to a reasonable level to enable all children to join if they wish. j.

  [DELETED] 10:37 24 Sep 2003

Will Yahoo etc now either close their own chat rooms, or setup some sort of audit trail also. I am all for it, if it means that they are able to trace everyone who is abusing the chat rooms for their own means. The safer they make them the better in my opinion.



  [DELETED] 12:50 24 Sep 2003

MSN Chat


As part of an overall effort by MSN and Microsoft to provide consumers with a safer, more secure and positive overall online experience, MSN has decided to no longer offer MSN Chat in this market beginning October 14 2003.

This change is intended to help protect MSN users from unsolicited information such as spam and to better protect children from inappropriate communication online. We will ensure you get the best and safest customer experience during those last weeks where free unmoderated chat will still be available.

MSN wants you to enjoy the Internet safely. Click here to find out more about how to ensure your online experience is positive.

Why is MSN doing this?

The increase in abuse of the Internet, such as the massive growth of spam and the increase in unsolicited and inappropriate material, particularly with regards to children, has led us to this decision.

What other MSN services can I use?

MSN?s vision is to offer its customers a choice of best of breed communication services
to help them better connect with the people and information that matters most wherever
they are.

MSN Messenger: the most popular, fun and personal way to chat online. Learn more...
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MSN Extra Storage: Enables Hotmail users to take advantage of larger storage capacity. Learn more...
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