Microsoft are talking to us

  Forum Editor 18:54 13 Jun 2003

Or rather they're talking to me - on Monday.

I'll be in Reading to meet Microsoft licencing experts with a view to getting a definitive, once and for all, detailed explanation of the terms of the Microsoft End User Licence Agreement.

In addition I'll be talking to the head of OEM for Microsoft UK, so I can find out precisely how the OEM licencing system works, and what it means to you, the end users.

I've got an agenda, but you must have questions of your own - now's your chance to let me know. It's not often that we get an opportunity to speak to Microsoft at a senior level, and I want to make the most of it.

  powerless 19:54 13 Jun 2003

What interests me with the licensing from Microsoft is that are you really not going to accept it's terms?

You go to install Windows XP and you start reading the EULA and you do not agree to what you have to agree to, [to use XP]. Are you really going to cancel the installation and then try getting your money back?

Are you going to try an alternative - Linux?

I think Microsft have a win win sitaution because of their dominance in the market.

Powerless makes his point, not a question but i look forward to seeing MS's reply to some Q's from FE and us lot.

  Forum Editor 21:04 13 Jun 2003

I offered to rewrite the Microsoft EULA in terms that most people might find a little easier to understand.

The response from Microsoft was a deafening silence - I didn't even receive an acknowledgement from them. Maybe I'll try again on Monday.

Does anyone have anything to say/ask about the OEM licence terms?

  spuds 21:07 13 Jun 2003

FE.Can you add on your list,how the Educational/Student Licencing procedures work and the criterias required for purchase of these programmes.Different views have been aired within the forum, regarding procedures. Best from the 'horses mouth'. Thanks.

  Simsy 23:28 13 Jun 2003

Also, it would be nice to have a definitive and CLEAR answer as to when software may be sold as 2nd hand...

e.g. I buy a retail copy of MSOffice, not an upgrade. I subsequently decide to buy and use StarOffice instead, so I completely uninstall the MS version.. Can I sell it?

Under what conditions can I transfer an OEM version?

What if I buy an OEM version of office and an OEM version of Windows at the same time... I buy hardware with it, 2HDD, 1MOBO, which are for different PC's... what combinations are allowed?

I have a registered version of Office 2000 Pro. This includes Publisher. If I "upgrade" to OfficeXP pro, this doesn't include Publisher. If I "upgrade" can I kee using the 200 version of Publisher?

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to put these questions FE. Ihope it's a fruitful meeting.



  rickf 00:55 14 Jun 2003

Ask them to make it easier for ppl to install XP after change of hardware. This is terribly unfair to pple who are fundamentally honest. I have a vested interest as I am having probs installing Os at the mo after upgrading my M/B and CPU.

  hugh-265156 02:56 14 Jun 2003

i have an oem copy of xp due to buying a packard bell computer(yeah well i know better now)but i would like to upgrade my motherboard without purchasing another copy of windows if i want too.frankly i think its not right that after spending £800+ on a computer,i dont get a full copy of windows.

  Forum Editor 09:15 14 Jun 2003

and thanks very much.

The more the merrier however, so keep your questions coming please.

  Forum Editor 14:24 15 Jun 2003

Software - that's the whole point of the OEM system. The manufacturer of your computer agrees with Microsoft that it will provide you with support, should you need it.

  spuds 15:21 15 Jun 2003

Let me get this right.The small computer builder, who perhaps turns out 20/30 machines a month, and pre-installs a OEM windows package,to customers requirements,is totally responsible for any hiccups in the MS software !!.

When you activate the product via Microsoft, do they not except some responsibility !!.

  david.h 16:17 15 Jun 2003

please ask is there a way to back up xp on to a cdrw from the partition of the hard drive when no cd is supplied by the maker which will act as a xp cd for reformats repairs etc

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