Philip2 17:12 21 Aug 2003

Looking at the end of support dates for 98 and ME it looks like we will end up with no OS choice only XP and Longhorn when that comes out in 2005 i would have thought that Windows ME would have been supported till 2007 but this does look like the case,i have had no trouble with ME but i do not use it for games or video games.

  Philip2 17:15 21 Aug 2003

Correction should have said this does not look like the case.

  Djohn 17:34 21 Aug 2003

I think we will still have the choice to carry on using the older versions of O/S's from Microsoft for as long as we want to.

Though M/S will not be offering official support, they are, by now pretty well sorted and run without too many problems. We still have this forum for any help/advice we may need with install, or updates of drivers, don't think we need to worry too much. Regards. j.

  TechMad 18:05 21 Aug 2003

From what I hear is that if you have an OEM edition of Windows, Microsoft doesn't support it anyway. It is up to the seller of the machine to help you out.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:11 21 Aug 2003

There are hundreds of sites that support 3.1, 95, 98 etc. and will continue to do so. As has been stated earlier versions of windows are now sorted, it is XP that one needs to worry about and as for longhorn.......


  Forum Editor 19:14 21 Aug 2003

is pretty well tried and trusted, as Djohn has said, and I would think that very few people would want or need any kind of support for that version of Windows by 2007.

There will still be many independent web sites offering all kinds of help, and we'll be here, so I don't think you'll have a problem.

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