Microphone for Skype.

  knockin on 12:23 19 Feb 2006

I recently bought a logitech headset and mic' for use with Skype, but the mic produced only very low volume. All my computer settings are correct - thanks to advice elsewhere on PCA, but I am now looking to buy another mic-not necessarily with headset-that will give adequate volume. Any ideas please as to make/model. - It feels as tho' the Logitech (since returned unused) was maybe the wrong impedance??

  knockin on 16:11 19 Feb 2006

that's interesting. I wondered if, maybe, I had not paid enough for one.

  Stuartli 22:52 19 Feb 2006

I had a cheapo headset with mike but it proved uncomfortable in use.

Then I spotted a "Stereo Backphone with Mike and Volume Control" in a local discount store (it fits on the back of the head rather than on top and is very comfortable, with more than adequate sound quality for the purpose).



  knockin on 10:13 20 Feb 2006

Thanks to you both. I will mark this resolved, it appears to be a bit hit'n miss as to whether the mike I buy will give good volume or not. Stll ay .99p and £3.50 I can afford to risk a couple of duff purchases.

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