Microland Technology problems - no help

  isawme 18:02 12 Aug 2004

I posted this on the end of a previous thread but because it was checked, it may not get looked at.

Basically I put in an order for an item that was quoted on the website as 'in stock' with 8 items. I purchased the item on 09/08/2004 at 11am and by 1:45pm that day received my order purchase confirmation, saying the item would be dispatched very shortly. I sent an email later on in the day to confirm as i was desperate to get the item before the end of the week, but had no answer.

On wednesday I called the sales line and after being in the queue for nearly an hour, I managed to speak to a lady who said yes, my order would go out that day and i would have it before the weekend.

This did not happen. I sent another email but have received no answer.

I sent another email this morning but have had no answer. I called at 10am when the lines opened in order to find out what was going on but was in the queue until 10:44am and hung up. I tried again at 11:am and was in the queue until 12:15pm. Then the lines where closed. I called later on around 1:30pm and finally got through - the polite lady said my order would be dispatched today and i would receive my dispatch confirmation between 5 and 6pm. This too has not happened.

Is there anyone from Microland who reads these forums and will respond? You charged me £580 odd quid for my item on the day i ordered it, but you havent sent it yet. You have my money, but i do not have my product, and each time i manage to speak to a sales rep, I am told one lie after another.

Can you explain this? Why do you not return your emails? Why do you keep telling me the item will be delivered and it is not? I am starting to get very suspicious and am considering serious action to get my money back.

  Forum Editor 18:54 12 Aug 2004

that they will monitor our forum, and that they'll respond to any problems that are posted here.

I am bound to say that I have received several emails from disgruntled Microland customers (or ex-customers), and like you I'm beginning to wonder if the company is going to fulfil its promise.

You've posted this outside normal office hours and you're unlikely to see a response today. Perhaps we'll wait until the same time tomorrow to see if Microland spot the thread. I'll keep an eye on it, and no doubt you'll let me know if you hear anything in the meantime. Don't let anything I've said deter you from further action of your own.

  isawme 19:16 12 Aug 2004

thanks FE - I won't be deterred - i mean, its a great deal of money :)

I mean, this is pretty bad. Esentially i was trying to get the AMD FX-53 skt939 chip which MT's site was the only one listing them as in stock and will be deliv'd with 1-3 days. I mean, even now they list 10 in stock. I wonder if it's just a ploy to get buyers to 'buy' and then hold on to their cash until (if) the product comes in. <shrug> I really do not want to cast dispersions but so far, i have had nothing positive in my favour come from my purchase with them.

And if this forum is the only way for MT customers to interact with the seller, i really hope they answer ASAP tomorrow (13/08/04) morning and tell me my order has been sent!

Sorry FE.. don't mean to rant. But after having the exceptionally fantastic dealings with next day turn arounds with Overclockers.co.uk, i am almost stunned in shock as to the practices of MT...

  isawme 09:53 13 Aug 2004

...saying that there is a delay in the order [4 days for an instock item?] and contrary to what I was told by the sales person yeterday afternoon around 1pm, my order was NOT dispatched - surprise, surprise, not unlike the other 2 times they said they'd send it out that day. It *should* leave them today to be with me on Monday, they say.

I wrote back and said i was pretty shocked at this - for £580 quid i expect better.

If the item is NOT with me on Monday, I am cancelling and informing Visa.

<sigh - it shouldn't be like this, it really shouldn't be...>

  isawme 11:35 13 Aug 2004

...Microland Technology have mislead me and, in my opinion, blatently lied.

I managed to get thru to the sales person after 39 mins in the queue. Before she took my order number to lookup, i told her the whole story - how since Tuesday I called on the order and each time the sales person said it would be 'shipped out that day' and never was - 3 days in a row Microland said this.

I then said, "Just tell me the truth, you don't have any of these chips in stock, do you?" She then looked up my order and said no, there were none. I then asked why the website showed and "active stock count" of the item, from 8 to 7 after my order, to 10 the next day to 8 again now. She didnt know why. I asked why then, if they knew the item was out of stock, they did not inform me thru email, or why none of my emails were answered. She didnt know.

Fair enough, she is only a sales rep - but her supervisor or managed SHOULD have been in the know.

I have cancelled the order now, and asked for a cancel confirm number - she said i would get an email confirmation (i almost laughed out loud at that!) and the money would be refunded in 2 days which i doubt, seeing other peoples' experiences.

So i am now on my way to Visa to see what can be done from my end.

All I can say is this - I will never EVER deal with Microland Technology again and will actively tell people here not to use them. The whole idea of charging you for an item THEY don't even have is simply outrageous - i could understand if i had entered into a PRE-ORDER agreement - but according to the website, the item is in stock and that is what i was buying - a stocked item.

Microland - you have A LOT to answer for. You're a pitiful excuse for an online component shop and as an experienced online buyer. It's no wonder you've had numerous reports to BBC's Watchdog, the Trading Standards and have multiple slatings from other ex-customers around the net.

I would HIGHLY advise you look into the practices of such people as Amazon, Overclockers, Dabs and Ebuyer to name a few from whom I have had nothing but pleasant experiences.

FE - i will check this thread as done.

  spuds 11:41 13 Aug 2004

It definately shouldn't be like this, but seeing various reports both in this forum and in other media, then something must be amiss with this company.Most of the complaints seem to be on stocks, broken promises and despatch issues.

Microland have given a PCA contact email address for[email protected]

  Al94 11:45 13 Aug 2004

This bears all the classic signs of a badly managed company about to go to the wall, struggling desperately to survive on creditors funds.

  Al94 11:53 13 Aug 2004

Also isawme, you should pursue this through Visa as a matter of urgency. If the credit card companies are seeing a pattern emerging of increasing complaints and chargebacks, it won't be long before they pull the plug on doing business with a company in this position.

  isawme 12:00 13 Aug 2004

Al94 - Oh, I am, trust me! =) I just got off the phone with NatWest Visa and they are sending me smoe forms, etc. So the cogs are moving.

I am quite sure I will get my money back - i mean, the whole situation is laughable - charging me for a supposed in-stock item and then lying to me.

  €dstowe 12:48 13 Aug 2004

I have noticed that Microland are doing a heavy email sales promotion in the last few weeks. Is this another indicator that all is not well?

It is very odd that I am getting these email brochures. I have bought from MT only once, many years ago, and I had reason to complain about poor service then.

  Ollieole 13:40 13 Aug 2004

"Microland have given a PCA contact email address [email protected]"

Based on comments on the other Microland thread that e-mail address just seems to be part of the massive spam filter into which all correspondence to Microland finds its way.

"This bears all the classic signs of a badly managed company about to go to the wall, struggling desperately to survive on creditors funds."

My thoughts exactly. I have been strongly condidering Court action for a damages claim but fear I could just be throwing good money after bad if the company goes bust before my claim is heard.

I appreciate the neutral "mediator" stance that the FE has to adopt in his role but the comment above suggests he is beginning to see that this isn't just a vendetta by the few of us that first posted on these threads against Microland and that the company does seem to have some serious problems. This has now been going on for 4 or 5 months.

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