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  Ollieole 19:18 04 May 2004

Hi Guys

New to this site but wanted to warn you all about Microland which is starting to get a few recommended awards in magazines and which may tempt you to buy - Beware!

I ordered a PC 5 weeks ago. They confirmed to me in writing that it would be delivered to my spec in 21 days. To date it hasn't been delivered and they are now trying to change specs. Also they take money from my credit card before they even knew if they could fulfil my order and it then took over 3 weeks and a lot of aggro to get my money back.

The machines they submit to Mags for test may be quick but their customer service stinks. I will not be using them again and would NOT RECOMMEND them to anyone

  Diodorus Siculus 19:26 04 May 2004

Ollieole - as you are new to the site, you might get away with it, but the forum editor does not take kindly to suggestions that we do not use a particular retailer.

As you have had your money refunded, it is time to look for a new supplier; the reality is though that most retailers have occasional problems and these are more likely to be documented here.

Oh, and welcome - it's a useful site.

  spuds 20:37 04 May 2004

Welcome to the PCA forums, and I hope that enjoy using the facilities available to you.I do not think that you will find a better and more knowledgable crowd.

As mentioned, there are certain rules and conditions which the Forum Editor keeps tight reins on,so be a little wary of any over the top comments.I note that you have stated that you would not Recommend them to anyone, which isn't to over the top, as it is your personal oppinion. Stinks maybe another matter (;o)

  computernerdiamnot 20:46 04 May 2004

Once Again welcome to tha PCA Forum.

Most companies do take from your credit card before you get your computer. As for your specs if they have run out they normally supply you with equal or better components. If you was going to get a computer with less superior components then you are within your rights to ask for a refund.

  Ollieole 17:57 05 May 2004

Apologies if I've broken the rules with my first post. Just wanted to share my experience as a warning to others. If a retailer gives very good or very poor then I believe in bringing it to people's attention

Does anyone know of a good computer retailer where I can now go to get a reasonably specced base unit eg P4 3.2+, 1GB PC3200, RAdeon 9800XT, Creative ZS platinum, CDRW, DVDRW

  byfordr 21:20 05 May 2004
  Ollieole 13:59 07 May 2004

Sorry, have had problems with both of those in the past.

I have a colleague trying out NetHighStreet so will see how he gets on with them

  smoothcue 16:33 07 May 2004

I have dealt with Microland very recently buying this system click here from them.

Maybe I was lucky or maybe you were just unlucky,but I personally cannot praise Microland enough.
I recieved excellent customer service,early delivery and a great pc.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with them,but they can sure build a quality system for the money.

  Ollieole 19:11 07 May 2004


Glad to hear you had a good experience. Maybe I have just been unlucky. I appreciate no-one is 100% perfect. I take it you didn't have to phone them and wait on hold for a whole lunch hour to have to give up at number 2 in the queue.

They told me today (only had to wait 23 minutes today as I didn't phone at lunchtime when they are busy!) that the parts should be delivered to them by Monday and the machine with me next week. Let's just hope they were telling the truth and it is a quality system

Have to say my colleague is impressed with NetHighStreet so far. Ordered a machine online yesterday of similar spec to mine and THEY rang him today to confirm it and say he can collect it next week - payment on collection

  gabriella 20:57 18 Jun 2004

Dear readers

You may like to read and look through a number of threads on this forum in relation to this company...make your own minds up.

I personally fnd it interesting that PC Advisor haven't responded to my post on another thread on this site. You will see that the magazine continues to review this company and its products.

Please also see dooyoo, romulus2 and pc review sites in relation to consumer views.
Make your own minds up but be very careful and ALWAYS pay by credit card, don't use Switch/Delta is my strong advice.

I personally (and others on the various forums may confirm) have never come across such an incompetent company in my life. I have spent many nights literally terrified because they had my money for so long and I had no goods.

I feel that they have grown too big to cope and that's probably due to the various 'rave' reviews in various PC magazines.

Take care all

Gabriella x

Gabriella x

  Kalitechnis 23:28 18 Jun 2004


I am looking to buy a similarly specced comp., and am thinking seriously of Holly computers. They seem to be major suppliers of all the components as well as systems.

On their site click here , you will find for each configuration a very large range to choose from, way more than any other company I've seen.

How good the service and aftrer-sales is I cannot say, but they would appear to make solid systems with excellent components.
The sslesperson I spoke to appears to be a systems designer, and was very knowlegable (I think)

Take a look at them.

If anyone out their has experience of themI would be interested to hear...not that I want to hijack your thread Ollieole,


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