microland problems

  carolyne 18:53 22 Jul 2004

ok from the begining with a cool frame of mind

my story starts when i ordered from microland 6 weeks ago and the item i wanted was clearly stated to be in stock on there website and showed a 1-3 days despatch time, after they processed my order they then decided to tell me it wasnt in stock,i emailed them and they told me they would have a confirmed date the following monday,i never heard from them again, so i phoned and they told me they didnt know when they would have them again, i asked if i could cancel as it was for a present and my local shop now had stock, they agreed and promised me a refund within 2 working days. this is the very last i heard from them, now they wont answer my emails, ive wrote to them ,and when you phone them theres always a queue of 40 minutes or more. now after repeated attempts to contact them i still have no refund 4 weeks on. if my case was a 1 off you could probably forgive them, but sadly it seems there are many more people like me in the same situation with microland, wich only goes to say they must operate there buisness like this all the time. i have read of 1 or 2 happy customers but it seems the biggest majority are unhappy and some even having to take MT to court, now i have to pay my credit card company to get my own money back, i see this as totaly wrong and can only class them as crooks, they have my money so were's the problem in refunding me?.before you consider buying from microland please read the posts in this forum and others too(pcreveiw)(romulus)and others, i have also contacted bbc watchdog and i believe others have also.

the FE of this forum has asked microland to join us here and to see if they would answer our concerns, but still no word from them, if the FE could please try again i would be most greatful. if this fails then it only goes to prove to others how ignorant microland are.

  Grendle 18:54 12 Aug 2004



Still no response. Not even the automated response this time

  Microland 15:15 16 Aug 2004

A reply to your email and also your letter has been sent.

  Forum Editor 22:51 16 Aug 2004

Perhaps you'll update us when you're ready?

  Grendle 19:34 17 Aug 2004

Will let you know when I receive the response that is in the post.

  Grendle 18:51 19 Aug 2004

e-mail from Microland on Monday just said a reply has already been sent by post as requested.

Nothing in the post as yet

  Grendle 19:04 20 Aug 2004

Another day and still nothing. If a letter was sent from Stockport on Monday it would be here by now (I could have walked to Stockport, collected it and walked home in this time) so I can only assume that it wasn't sent as per their post above.

  Grendle 17:34 23 Aug 2004

That's a whole week and nothing.

  Baz63 12:45 04 Sep 2004


Same thing happened to me but with a Sapphire x800xt. They represented they had the item in stock. They are doing it again. On the basis of that representation I placed an order. They debited my card.

Check out:
click here

A pattern is clear from this behaviour. People are being induced to place orders on the basis of Microalnd representing the item is in stock. Their cards are being debited. There is no delivery. Meanwhile they are earning interest on the monies debited.

By trade I am a criminal prosecutor. There is ample evidence from these forums that Microlaand is participating in a deliberate deception of potential customers. Whether this deception is criminal or not is another matter. I shall be collating more evidence with a view to submitting a report to my CPS colleagues and police in Stockport.

  carolyne 16:01 06 Sep 2004

I dont know why they advertise the x800xt in stock at all. these cards are not available yet and are still pre order. And microlands forum presence has seems to of also stopped(cant say im surprised).

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