microland problems

  carolyne 18:53 22 Jul 2004

ok from the begining with a cool frame of mind

my story starts when i ordered from microland 6 weeks ago and the item i wanted was clearly stated to be in stock on there website and showed a 1-3 days despatch time, after they processed my order they then decided to tell me it wasnt in stock,i emailed them and they told me they would have a confirmed date the following monday,i never heard from them again, so i phoned and they told me they didnt know when they would have them again, i asked if i could cancel as it was for a present and my local shop now had stock, they agreed and promised me a refund within 2 working days. this is the very last i heard from them, now they wont answer my emails, ive wrote to them ,and when you phone them theres always a queue of 40 minutes or more. now after repeated attempts to contact them i still have no refund 4 weeks on. if my case was a 1 off you could probably forgive them, but sadly it seems there are many more people like me in the same situation with microland, wich only goes to say they must operate there buisness like this all the time. i have read of 1 or 2 happy customers but it seems the biggest majority are unhappy and some even having to take MT to court, now i have to pay my credit card company to get my own money back, i see this as totaly wrong and can only class them as crooks, they have my money so were's the problem in refunding me?.before you consider buying from microland please read the posts in this forum and others too(pcreveiw)(romulus)and others, i have also contacted bbc watchdog and i believe others have also.

the FE of this forum has asked microland to join us here and to see if they would answer our concerns, but still no word from them, if the FE could please try again i would be most greatful. if this fails then it only goes to prove to others how ignorant microland are.

  carolyne 16:37 25 Jul 2004


i sent the letter over a week ago. the situation with my card company is: they sent me a form to fill about the dispute, once returned (wich it was last wednesday) they will let me know within 21 of day what is happening. and as for the stock level error, it seems to be happening alot, so we can assume its an error but i have other ideas, there seems to be more and more cases of microland popping up every day. since thursday 2 more have wrote in the pc reveiw forum. this is a real shame.

  Forum Editor 16:37 25 Jul 2004

is that they are just that - a means to buy items by borrowing the money. Technically it's the card provider who buys the goods - and then allows you to keep them, pending your repayment. The debt is yours - with the card provider - it's not Microland's - they've been paid by the card provider.

What happens in a case like this is that you tell the card provider that they've paid for something you don't have, and will not have, and you're asking them to remove the charge from your card account. They've paid for the item, so they need to recover that charge from the merchant - in this case Microland. As Microland have agreed that the charge must be repaid there should be no problem. Before recovering the money the card providers usually allow a fixed period during which the merchant has an opportunity to challenge the claim.

  Ollieole 18:33 25 Jul 2004

To quote the FE "We need to keep focused with this - all you want is your money back and once that's happened the matter is at an end."

I've just finished compiling a log of phone calls, e-mails and letters to Microland. 2 hours of phone calls (it is actually more than this but some are not itemised), 4 letters and 9 e-mails. I estimate that that all adds up to about 5 hours of my time which I charge out at £125 per hour (those 5 hours could have been spent on some chargeable work), plus phone/postage costs of £15 plus legal fees of £80 plus lost interest. So all in all it cost me over £700 to get my money back from these people. Even ignoring my time it's around £100 - which I want back

  Forum Editor 22:05 28 Jul 2004

Any question of compensation for consequential loss is a matter between you and the supplier - if necessary through the courts at your expense. There's no provision for compensatory payments in the consumer legislation.

  Forum Editor 22:12 28 Jul 2004

so back to your problem.

Microland technology now have a forum presence - I set it up yesterday. I'm hoping that we'll see them posting in this thread very soon - they have the username: microland

Let's see what happens - in the meantime anyone else who has an outstanding problem with Microland should post their own thread - it's confusing for everyone if we have two or three separate matters mixed in the same thread, and other forum members should remember that by default carolyne will be getting an email each time someone posts. It can become very irrtitating if the mails relate to other peoples' problems.

Finally a reminder - we don't permit threads or posts that incite other forum members to boycott a company. We're all capable of making up our own minds as to which suppliers we use. We don't need to be told to avoid anyone based on a single bad experience - no matter how annoying it has been.

  carolyne 23:38 28 Jul 2004

thankyou FE

im sure theres alot of us with a lot of questions for microland.
as it happens i did recieve a letter from them today apologising and promised me my refund by the 30th july. even though this has taken a very long time and alot of hassle it still has made me feel more at ease. i know microland read these forums so my guess is they have seen my posts and finaly realised its time to do something. they promise me an email by friday telling me i have the refund has been processed. so i will keep you up to date on this to see if it does arrive. even though i am very greatful for finaly responding to me this dosent excuse the way they operate. refunds are exteremly slow (mine past the 30 day limit) and there are still others who have difficult problems with them.

take care all

  carolyne 23:40 28 Jul 2004

ooops please take away the "i have" before the refund :)

  Forum Editor 00:43 29 Jul 2004

and well done for being so patient over the past few days - I know it wasn't easy, and I know that at first you probably didn't have much faith in our ability to get this resolved. It looks as if it is resolved however, and I'm very pleased for you.

Microland promised me they would do what they could to deal with your problem, so let's thank them for their action - I hope they'll feel their forum presence is a positive thing, and that any future problems can be sorted out here rather more rapidly as a result.

  carolyne 04:01 01 Aug 2004

as promised in my letter from MT i did get a email thursday and a full refund friday, how ever thankfull i am it still took a long time and a lot of effort, i dont believe a customer should have to ask others for help or go through what i did for a refund. i truely believe if it wasnt for peter (FE) i wouldent of got it so fast. i know he has put my story forward to MT and i am extremely grateful to him (even though it didnt seem so at first but this was just my anger at MT). i think microland has got a long way to go to restore faith in it's customers. maybe they will succeed if they respond in this forum for others too. next time i will look into a company before buying and i hope you do to. thankyou microland for my refund and thankyou FE for all your help.
take care

  Forum Editor 10:08 01 Aug 2004

Let's leave it there. Could you tick your thread when you get a chance please?

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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