microland problems

  carolyne 18:53 22 Jul 2004

ok from the begining with a cool frame of mind

my story starts when i ordered from microland 6 weeks ago and the item i wanted was clearly stated to be in stock on there website and showed a 1-3 days despatch time, after they processed my order they then decided to tell me it wasnt in stock,i emailed them and they told me they would have a confirmed date the following monday,i never heard from them again, so i phoned and they told me they didnt know when they would have them again, i asked if i could cancel as it was for a present and my local shop now had stock, they agreed and promised me a refund within 2 working days. this is the very last i heard from them, now they wont answer my emails, ive wrote to them ,and when you phone them theres always a queue of 40 minutes or more. now after repeated attempts to contact them i still have no refund 4 weeks on. if my case was a 1 off you could probably forgive them, but sadly it seems there are many more people like me in the same situation with microland, wich only goes to say they must operate there buisness like this all the time. i have read of 1 or 2 happy customers but it seems the biggest majority are unhappy and some even having to take MT to court, now i have to pay my credit card company to get my own money back, i see this as totaly wrong and can only class them as crooks, they have my money so were's the problem in refunding me?.before you consider buying from microland please read the posts in this forum and others too(pcreveiw)(romulus)and others, i have also contacted bbc watchdog and i believe others have also.

the FE of this forum has asked microland to join us here and to see if they would answer our concerns, but still no word from them, if the FE could please try again i would be most greatful. if this fails then it only goes to prove to others how ignorant microland are.

  spuds 11:09 23 Jul 2004

Ollieole.. It would appear as though Microland have a number of customer service disputes going on at the moment, according to other media reports. Not actually knowing the size of the company, and its daily business turnover, I could perhaps make some personal assumptions as to this companies responses.But it would be pure conjecture on my part, as it would on anyone elses.

carolyne.. Take the FE's suggestion up, and send that letter pronto. I have followed your 'many' posts on this subject, and I still cannot understand why your credit card company have not offered more advice and assistance, in fact you mention in this post that your credit card company want to charge you extra for a service, which should be in as much interest to them as well as to yourself.Under the credit consumer act, they are equally responsible in sorting out this problem. Going a little further, have you not made contact with a named person at your local trading standards department or law centre. If not, then I would suggest that you make contact, as these people could make your life a little easier.

  Ollieole 13:22 23 Jul 2004

Spuds.. I have been looking out for reports on Microland but not seen any yet. What are the "other media reports" you refer to.

FE/Carolyne - Don't want to put a dampener on things but I did send such a letter (exactly as suggested by the FE and by special delivery) when I was trying to get my money back and Microland ignored it. I had to involve debt recovery agents (presumably to show I meant it) before I got my refund. However, I do recommend that you send it.

  Forum Editor 19:46 23 Jul 2004

I am not a lawyer, and far be it from me to contradict the advice you've been given by one, but.......................the Distance Selling regulations do not require the seller to "restore the buyer's position etc." - their obligation is do do what I've said.

If a person subsequently wanted to pursue the question of an action for recovery in respect of consequential loss that would be something he/she would have to pursue through a civil action. Such an action would have to show evidence of consequential loss to stand a chance of success.

Let it be said that Microland have done nothing illegal as far as I am aware from the facts presented to me - it's not against the law to run out of stock of an item, and that's essentially what happened. The fact that carolyne did not accept a revised delivery forecast is straightforward, and Microland have an obligation to refund as i have said.

  carolyne 19:51 23 Jul 2004

the sad thing is this letter has already been sent and by special delivery, i wrote it from the facts that trading standards gave me, they also sent me an email about the distance selling regulation and asked me to send a print out of that to and also email it to them, but still nothing. and as the FE said :after all, why should a supplier wish to drag it out once it's clear that the contract is at an end - the money isn't theirs any more.
why indeed?, this is the question i would like them to answer me. i dont get any enjoyment from posting over and over about them in forums, its quite the oppasite, this has taken up most of my spare time and money. and yes Ollieole i agree, i am also intrigued to why they havent come to comment on why this happens. but thanks for your advice and comments

  carolyne 19:58 23 Jul 2004

sorry i just read your post FE, when i saw there stock on the website it was based on real time and the order number went down 1 from 11 to 10 after i ordered. please dont think im being cheeky but surely this does mean at this point they are in stock and that 1 that has been deducted from the stock count should be despatched to me as stated.

  Forum Editor 00:16 25 Jul 2004

between the amount of stock showing on a web site and the amount that's physically present in a store. There's obviously no reason why a company would not want to supply the goods if they were in stock, so we must assume that there was an error in the site database.

When did you send the special delivery letter, and did you say anything about subsequent action if the company didn't respond?

Forget about wondering why Microland haven't responded in the forum - they aren't under any obligation to do so, and we'll be going down a blind alley by constantly wondering about it. What's the situation with your card provider? Now is the time to demand some activity on their part. I suggest that you contact them to say that you've exhausted all the possibilities at your end - now it's time they refunded the money to your card. Be firm about it, but do not use inappropriate language.

We need to keep focused with this - all you want is your money back and once that's happened the matter is at an end. Let's not get trapped in the minutiae of why Microland are acting as they are.

  It's Me 14:57 25 Jul 2004

Sorry about this. I'm a bit puzzled. As I understand this. Carolyne has cancelled her order and she has an Email from Microland confirming this. Exactly this has happened to me with Microland.
FE seems to be saying that the Credit Card Company has some input now. When I, at this stage, approached my C.C.Co. I was told that the collection of the debt was between me and my solicitor and that they, the CC.Co., had nothing to do with it now that I had cancelled the order.
This is two opposite opinions. I have no legal experience in these matters, but if my CC.Co. was being as helpful as they should have been I will want to know why.
As it happens, I now have my money back, albeit some 10 weeks after it was first taken from my account.

  It's Me 14:59 25 Jul 2004

Sorry, the next to the last sentance should have read . . . . but if my CC.Co. was NOT being as . . .

  spuds 15:25 25 Jul 2004

You will find that some credit card companies and finance houses will try the "nothing to do with us" approach. It saves them the long term hassle,because some people except this as being true. Under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 they have Equal Liability unless you obtained your particular credit card before 1st July 1977.The credit card company may quote that their responsibility only kicks in, if the cash price of the item being supplied is over £100 but not more than £30.000 [including VAT].

Any credit card company, worth its pinch of salt,should and would give its customers first class help and assistance.After all, they are acting as your intermediary agent, and as such they charge for this service.

  It's Me 15:54 25 Jul 2004

Very Interesting .
The amount was well over £1000 and the Bank is v.v. large and from over the border.
It all sounded so very plausable when I spoke to them that I never gave it another thought, particularly when I was told that they only acted on non deliveries. I suspect, that so late in the day, I must put it down to being unlucky with the person I was speaking to. It wouldn't happen again; and I always thought that Banks were above this sort of thing.

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