paddy75 13:21 25 Oct 2004

I just recieved a LG 19 inch monitor from Microdirect,Monitor ordered was L1920p monitor delivered was L1930p.The latter does not seem to be a uk model. It did not have a uk gaurentee and it had a two pin foreign power lead.I phoned their customer care line and was told my model was out of stock and that they would refund my card when they recieve the monitor back.I thought that the price was to good to be true.Iam very annoyed at this practice,when ordered their web site showed it was in stock,the invoice is for L1920p and this is not what i recieved.What do you all think? Paddy

  spuds 15:04 25 Oct 2004

Sometimes stock lists can be misleading on the internet,due to the method of updating.It was not very nice that another model was sent to you, but I suppose this was done for quickness on the part of Microdirect.But Microdirect should have contacted you before despatching, if they knew that this particular model was for export via the evidence of the guarantee card and power leads.

The company have offered to refund your card on receipt of the returned monitor, have they made any arrangements for doing this, at no expense to yourself.

  paddy75 15:14 25 Oct 2004

Spuds thanks for your reply they have offered to collect it tomorrow i would'nt think there would be a charge but i am not happy,it is now on their web site with a 1-3 day availabilty ,the price has gone up about £25.I Have sent them a E mail but no answer yet,customer services just said they would refund money,i want the monitor at price quoted and paid for.Paddy

  spuds 16:08 25 Oct 2004

I have checked click here, and their site seems to have removed the L1930P from their listing.The L1920P is still listed at £346.63.

Checking the Simply website as a model reference, there seems to be a big difference in pricing of the two models mentioned. LG L1920P £459.00. and the LG L1930P £600.00. Both these models seem to be different, specification and design wise.

No doubt, Microdirect's terms and conditions will cover them for any errors.

  SEASHANTY 20:41 25 Oct 2004

1920p appears to have DVI-D input but its a cheaper model than the 1930p
click here

  SEASHANTY 20:48 25 Oct 2004

..... and now having checked the spec of the 1930P I see that this is also dual input and also wall mountable. Better option I would have thought!

  paddy75 22:25 25 Oct 2004

Thanks for all the replies but i think some of you are missing the point,1.no UK gaurentee 2.no UK power supply 3.L1930p was never on their site in the first place.Paddy

  Forum Editor 23:15 25 Oct 2004

they're trying to point out that you probably received a better monitor than the one you ordered. The lack of what you call a 'UK guarantee' doesn't matter - your rights under UK consumer law aren't affected - and of course the monitor will work perfectly in all respects.

You could easily get a three-pin plug lead - in fact you could fit one yourself in five minutes, or use an adapter.

Of course, you are perfectly entitled to return the monitor, but if I was in your shoes I would hang on to it.

  spuds 11:41 26 Oct 2004

FE-- You have hit the nail on the head.That's what I was trying to 'suggest' to paddy75.

Would further add, that checking other sources it would appear as though the LG L1930P is a hard to come by item,possibly due to the £600.00 price tab. The LG L1920P seems readily available from a number of outlets,Ebuyer have plenty in stock at £387.97.

  paddy75 13:09 26 Oct 2004

Thanks again for all replies,i just want what i ordered and paid for.When you compare the two models i like the looks of the L1920 better,the £600 price tag quoted for the L1930 appears very high,i can't find the site at the moment but yesterday a site i was on there was about a £30 difference.The power cable states 250v we use 230v i don't know anything about electricty and would'nt like to chance a uk cable for fear of damage.Thanks again Paddy

  paddy75 23:56 30 Oct 2004

I have found this site ,as i said before £600 was a bit high.Paddy

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