mfi in admin

  martd77 21:31 28 Nov 2008

Just as we were promised our compensation cheque the first week in december mfi go into administration,words cannot express my frustration after all this time

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  chub_tor 22:12 28 Nov 2008

I've just read your original thread and you have had rough ride with MFI. If they go into receivership you need to lodge a claim with the receiver as soon as you can find out who it is. You may get treated sympathetically.

I'm sure that you know this already but it does show how important it is to make all big purchases with a credit card and not by cash, cheque or debit card. The protection offered by credit cards is so much stronger.

  Stuartli 00:09 29 Nov 2008

MRI have been in trouble before - I seem to remember a management buyout.

However, the three letters seemed all too often to be mentioned in connection with customer complaints.

One thread I've come across:

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A quick Google will bring up many, many more.

  ronalddonald 01:10 29 Nov 2008

glad when they close down for good because of the way they have messed me up when my wife was pregnant and we ordered a bed to arrive by certain date, paid for and it didn't happen and i rang them and was placed on hold only to be given another date where they promised to deliver but didn't.

I hope these bozos never ever open another company with the same directors. Woolwoths on the other hand doesn't deserve to close down since its always been there like light in beacon.

  ronalddonald 01:12 29 Nov 2008

wife had t sleep in a sleeping bag in the bedroom, when we had just moved

  tullie 05:37 29 Nov 2008

Dont worry about all the people who will be put out of work,just as long as you got your bed!

  spuds 11:58 29 Nov 2008

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why MFI have gone into administration (again), due to poor customer service and ignoring customer requirements. No company or employees deserve to survive, if that is their standards of serving the public.

  martd77 19:35 29 Nov 2008

ive immediately lodged a complaint and this is the response

Dear Sir or Madam

MFI Group Limited - In Administration (“the Company”)

The Administrator is currently reviewing the financial position of the Company and examining the large number of transactions which are generated by business of this size. It is the current intention of management to refund all cash/cheque and debit card depositors and allow credit card depositors to seek a refund from their credit card provider.

If you have paid in cash or cash equivalents then the Joint Administrators will contact you to advise you how your claim will be dealt with. Further information will be posted on the MFI website click here


  john bunyan 22:38 29 Nov 2008

I NEVER pay in advance except for a small deposit by credit card which protects me if a company goes belly up prior to the contract being fulfilled. If a company asks, say , for you to pay in advance for a bed, I bet they in turn dont pay the manufacturer for a month after delivery, so why ask retail customers to do so? Walk away from people who wont let you pay ,say, 90% on delivery of sound, complete, goods. I'm sorry for those who lose jobs or money over this but really it is an example of how not to do business.

  martd77 14:17 30 Nov 2008

To those of you not reading the thread its a compensation claim for poor work and late delivery,we paid on the "visa" card and tried the visa "chargeback" method but we were informed by the bank that appeal has to be lodged within six months

  spuds 14:50 30 Nov 2008

Having personally been through the 'company gone bust' procedures, you are now in the hands of the receivers- administrators of the business. Depending on the final outcome of their investigations, there might not be much left in the pot for people like yourself (if you register your interest).

One thing that I would suggest, is that you keep your eye on events, because some administration procedures require your immediate input,something that the administrator might not broadcast to loudly!.

Another point of interest worth considering, is the actual role of the last tradesman who completed the final work, and their arrangement with MFI, if they were subcontracted !!.

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