Metronet Broadband

  bruno 18:01 13 Jul 2006

I have recommended this ISP on here many times.I still get excellent connections and no problems,but I have been trying for 4 days to contact them via telephone and e mail to get my daughter a connection.She does not have an internet connection as she has just moved house and wanted to change from her previous supplier.
All I get on the phone is a recorded message which leads into a status report.After listening to this for a few minutes the answerphone cuts in and says all the operators are busy and can I please call back,no matter how many times you ring back,nothing changes.It does not even give you the opportunity to hang on.It used to tell you that there was a 45 minute queue,but I found that it was usually about ten minutes.This all seems to have happened since Plusnet took it over.
I never had a minutes problem with the original Metronet,there phone calls were instant and they would ring you back if the y could not provide an answer immediately.I only had to use them twice in all the years I have been with them.
Does anyone have e "secret " phone number,in case I need to get my MAC code in the future?
My daughter has signed up with Eclipse instead.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:15 13 Jul 2006

Metronet 0870 2840284
0208 4237909

Metronet 0870 2840284
0207 0438202


I've not tried these numbers but worth a look.

  bruno 20:39 13 Jul 2006

Diodorus Siculus..Thank you for those numbers.I will give them a try.I have just e mailed them asking for my MAC code,lets hope they answer this time.It is a pity they are not giving a service as I am really happy with the site,but can't help wondering what would happen if I had a problem.If they don't bother when you are trying to give them money what will they be like when you need them.I have just been on their Forum and it appears there are loads of people in major trouble.

  phil46 21:12 14 Jul 2006

Just to point out your MAC code will only last a day they won't give you a MAC code for future use.

  bruno 23:13 14 Jul 2006

Thanks for that information.As a matter of fact they have just sent me an e mail telling me I have to use it in 30 days or ask for a new one.After the way they have not responded to my queries I will be using it soon,I guess.

  Dipso 00:52 15 Jul 2006

I too had recommended Metronet on here several times in the pre Plusnet days. Not long after the takeover I noticed the previously excellent service becoming more and more unreliable. Finally in the middle of March I opted to migrate out. I had been with them for nearly 3 years!!!

I was upgraded to 2 Meg at the same time as migration and am now on the new "up to 8 Meg" service all for no extra charge. Although the price plans have changed slightly since I migrated my new ISP are like Metronet used to be. They answer the phone (0800 number) in no more than 3 rings, emails are answered promptly and the service is faultless. Who are they? click here

  bruno 17:51 15 Jul 2006

I,too,have been with Metronet since they first started.What a pity these small, efficient companies get swallowed up and virtually destroyed.That site you mentioned looks pretty good.I have almost decided to go with Eclipse.I signed my daughter up to it and if she recommends me she will get £40 introduction fee(which she had better share with me).I will know more after the weekend.

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