messenger alert driving me mad!

  Time Traveller 08:19 01 Aug 2003

I've just bought a new system with X.P insalled and I use AOL V.8. Although i have Norton's AntiVirus & System works I am constantly receiving "messager alert" pop-ups telling me my system is at one risk or another.......HELP!!!

  Lú-tzé 08:36 01 Aug 2003

click here for details of how to disable it.

  Lú-tzé 08:39 01 Aug 2003

click here for more that can be disabled when you are disabling the messenger service.

  slimpickins 09:05 01 Aug 2003

...I've been contacted a lot about this and in every case it has turned out to be a pop up advertising, guess what? A pop-up ad stopper!

There are a few variations of the ad, some of which are very cleverly worded and start as you describe. Try downloading "pop up stopper", a free program click here, it should put an end to them.

  Jester2K II 09:24 01 Aug 2003

Lú-tzé - is on the right track here - its the Messenger Service. Enabled by default by MS - Cheers - it allows people to spam you with messages.

  slimpickins 12:00 01 Aug 2003

MS has a useful article on this, click here, note that it says the pop ups are not related to Windows Messenger but are part of the a service designed for LAN system administrators. Also the alerts being received by Time Traveller aren't labeled "Messenger Service" but Messenger Alert", therefore I think the "alerts" are just cleverly disguised pop-up ads rather than anything related to Win Messenger.

Don't take any notice of the firewall advice in the MS article, the XP firewall isn't very good and everyone I know who recieved the "alerts" stopped the problem and retained Win Messenger by downloading the pop-up stopper.

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