A mess from MESH

  DuncanM 13:59 29 Sep 2003

Having twice lost a day's holiday waiting in for deliveries that had not been despatched I finally received my Mesh matrix 2600+.Upgrades included the Salesman's recommendation of DVI on a TFT monitor and a DVI cable( £180 )
On delivery the system had an analouge graphics card so DVI is no use, there was no DVD burning software installed,the tv tuner had no capture driver installed for it
After £20 worth of phone calls the best responses I have had re the (£180) are 'sorry, but you got what you paid for' and 'we will refund £10 for the DVI cable if I send it back'
The responses on other issues have been very negative with e-mails not answered.
I regret buying from Mesh who's after care motto seems to be Don't care.

  Stuartli 16:18 29 Sep 2003

As I've said in other threads I ordered a £745 Mesh system at the beginning of September, the first time I have dealt with the company.

It was delivered on the morning of the day promised three weeks later and has worked without any problems since being set up and configured.

  DuncanM 16:26 29 Sep 2003

I'm pleased for you Stuart but this month's Which survey shows that I am certainly not in a minority when it comes to dissatisfaction with Mesh

  MESH Response 16:33 29 Sep 2003

If you could leave your order number at [email protected], we will look into this as a matter of some urgency and respond back to you

Regards - MESH Response.

  WiLL-A 16:36 29 Sep 2003

With that attitude I would just send it back and claim a refund then go and buy elsewhere.

The sales person should have informed u that u would have needed a change in graphics card to make use of the DVI. After all its his responibility as a sales person to do just that.

If i treated customers like that on a regular basis at work i'd be sacked within the week.

  plantzzman 00:25 30 Sep 2003

You stated your calls to MESH cost £20.
How do MESH now operate their customer service as regards call charges.Is it charged at local rate or premium rate ie 50p per minute.
Not dealt with MESH for years but back then you made a call of maybe 1-2 minutes and booked a call back to you later-when who knows.

  MESH Response 09:39 30 Sep 2003

I can confirm that calls to MESH Technical Support & Customer Services are charged at National Rate - for the lifetime of the PC.

MESH Response

  Patr100 09:56 30 Sep 2003

That's for hardware but the charge for any problem that is deemed software related is......more like £1.50 a minute.

  DuncanM 18:45 30 Sep 2003

Mesh have now responded to my comments on this site and resolved my driver and software issues. They have also apologised for the DVI mix up and will be refunding £10 on receipt of the cable.
I only hope I get caring service in the future.

Re telephone costs: it's not the price per minute it's how long you hold for a response. My calls have been 6 to 28 mins with no offers to call back.

  Kilobyte 19:43 30 Sep 2003

MESH have an 0870 number charged at national call rate even if you are calling from the London area. Another rip-off!

  plantzzman 00:07 01 Oct 2003

Duncan iam pleased MESH now seem to be working on your problems.
As regards call charges I agree-if you dont get to speak to people the costs mount up.
Even a free phone number isnt free if it means hanging on for hours as time is also money.

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