Mesh, what's the general opinion

  jigga 03:20 07 Mar 2004

considering buying a mesh matrix3000fx pc with maybe a little upgrade config. looked around and seems to be the best thing available for the price. would justlike a bit of info on their cust service,how well their pcs run and anything else which might be helpful. 1st time buyer.

  ch0pper 08:17 07 Mar 2004

I don't know about this particular PC, but I have bought two Mesh PCs since 1997 and both have been first class with only one problem on one PC which was sorted quickly and painlessly.

Do remember that what you read here are often complaints from those who have rogue PCs, and whilst their complaints are often justified, the majority of Mesh's machines will work striaght from the box.

Happy customers rarely put pen to paper (as it were) because our expectation is that things will work as described.

That being said, if PC suppliers operated more like or Marks & Spencer then the good word would also get around.

  tony-205697 09:09 07 Mar 2004

I bought a Mesh matrix 2.4 ,since delivery last October,it has worked fault free for only 4 weeks.
Itis now back for its third repair,it had not been repaired properly.I had it independtly checked.
Mesh has refused to honour their on -site warranty,saying that the repairs must be done in a static free environement.
Also Mesh have refused to talk to,my son, the current user,although I had registered the new user location for warranty to be different from the original delivery address.
Mesh have refused to give me my money back or replace the unit.
I have spent a fortune on telephone calls queing to get any response.
The two previous Mesh computers,I bought( 2001 ) both also had problems and the Mesh customer service certainly is still poor.They are even still using the same 'telephone waiting message '---------Your call is important to us etc.etc.etc.
But it now hangs up after 5 minutes

  Diodorus Siculus 10:24 07 Mar 2004

Mesh have a presence on these pages, and no doubt their rep. will be along to try to sort out the above problems.

Having seen the way they deal with problems on these pages, I would have put in my last order with them - sadly, their range of laptops was too limited for me and I had to go else where.

  jigga 10:54 07 Mar 2004

good to have a good all round view. i think i'm beginning to understand the basics of buying a pc in terms of problems, cust service, reputation etc and that is that not eveeryone is gonna be 100% happy you just have to kind of get a general feel for how people have been dealt with. if there was a pc vendor out there with no cust service probs the price for their pcs would probably be sky high...

  iashem 10:55 07 Mar 2004

i have had a mesh pc for just under 2 years and have had 2 new mobos and a new processor, trying to get through to tech support is extremely difficult and when you do get through they do not give you the support you need asking sometimes unecessary questions about your problem in hand, i will not use this company again

  Forum Editor 11:52 07 Mar 2004

I'm sure you'll be fine. Just remember that the problems we see in this forum represent a tiny proportion of the total number of transactions any particular company may make in the course of time.

Certain companies (and Mesh is one of them) have been trading for years, and have sold tens of thousands of computers to satisfied customers. As always a sense of balance is a good thing. Mesh have a presence here, and they seem to be keen to get to grips with problems as they crop up.

  spuds 12:56 07 Mar 2004

Should you have any further concerns, why not activate a PCA forum search. A large amount of good, bad and indifferent reports have been aired about Mesh. Personally, seeing the way Davey from Mesh as responded to complaints within the forums, as been first rate, and all credit to Mesh for the direct involvement via PCA.If you have any queries, why not contact Davey. I am sure he will find the answer for you.

  only me 13:07 07 Mar 2004

why did you buy did you buy more from mesh?? you had 2 that gave probs

  only me 13:11 07 Mar 2004

let me do that again
why did you buy more from mesh you had 2 comps that gave you probs

  FLYGURP 13:48 07 Mar 2004

customer service issues often let down companies. i was thinking of buying mesh but instead i think I will just upgrade my own pc, then the only support personel I will have to deal me.

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