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  asrobs 13:06 03 Dec 2007

Hi, have recently had to try and replace the burner in a Mesh tower and to replace the item it would mean that I had to drill through the pop rivets holding the frame in place, this would mean swarf flying around inside the case,what happens if you were to miss some!!This seems crazy to me- does anyone know of any way to access the retaining screws without cutting through the rivets??asrobs.

  keef66 15:27 03 Dec 2007

I don't have a Mesh pc, but it's clear you're doing something wrong if you're considering drilling out rivets. Put down the drill and step away from the pc!
Have you taken both side panels off the case? At worst it should be held in with 4 screws. If you cannot see any screws it's possible the whole thing will just slide out forwards. I have read many case reviews, and it sounds like drive cradles and plastic mounting rails are becoming the norm.

If you can't work it out I'd just phone Mesh and ask them

  Binnacle 16:25 03 Dec 2007

If it’s anything like my Mesh just unlock the case from the rear with the supplied key , turn the knob and remove the side panel. The front and other side just slide and lift off.
Put the drill away!

  Totally-braindead 16:26 03 Dec 2007

I agree with keef66 I have never ever seen a PC where a burner or anything else for that matter was pop riveted in.
If you can't see screws then it must be rail mounted or something like that.

  Totally-braindead 16:29 03 Dec 2007

If its the case of the PC you mean then there are pop rivets in that but you don't need to remove them to get the sides off. You remove the screws if there are any visable or turn a key to unlock the sides or in the case of some PCs you remove the front of the PC which locks on with clips and then slide the side panels of via the front.

It really depends on the PC case. I too would suggest you ask Mesh about the case you have.

You definatly do not need to drill out anything.

  Binnacle 16:53 03 Dec 2007

When you remove the front of the PC you will see two spring clips on either side of the burner. Just press them inwards and slide it out.

  pk46 17:21 03 Dec 2007


  MESH Support 18:05 03 Dec 2007

Hi asrobs,

We've not used a case that you couldn't access with a screwdriver, more recently you don't even need that as we use thumbscrews you can remove by hand.

If the above posts don't help you access the case let me know via the yellow envelope next to my name and include your MESH order number, and I'll let you now the specific instructions for accessing your model of case.


  asrobs 13:14 05 Dec 2007

Hi, folks I can understand your replies but the case I have is in two pieces one is a complete piece with three sections the bottom, right side and the top and I am unable to slide out the burner because the frame is riveted to the rear frame which houses the sockets etc, the left side is held in by two thumbscrews this is no problem to remove the screws on one side but the other side of the burner is against the one piece (top right side and base)and there is no means of moving the burner without getting to the left side.asrobs

  Totally-braindead 16:03 05 Dec 2007

I'm sorry but I can't visualise what you mean, I suggest you contact Davey at Mesh via his email and provide the info he needs to identify it and he should be able to answer your query.

  HCOOH 16:48 05 Dec 2007

The front comes off may be a couple of clips you need to press to do it. The wings on the spring clips that hold the sleds in may be screwed to the case for extre security as well.

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